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    Looking for advice

    I've had 7 911s and a Boxster in the past 15 years. I recently moved from the US to the Uk (7 months ago) and had placed an order for a 997S back in December of '03. After less than stellar service from the Porsche Center in Reading about my order, I decided to go to the dark site and check Ferrari out. Needless to say, 3 weeks later I was the proud owner of a 360 Modena F1. FANTASTIC car but utterly useless for me... It's way too visible to take to work without causing labor relationships issues, I miss the rear seats of my 911 and most of all, the Ferrari was pretty shabby on the track, blowing through stock pads and disks in a 20 minutes session... NOT A GOOD THING. Anyway, it seems like I got into the worst of all worlds... Can't take the car to work, isn't very robust on the track and doesn't have the rear seats that allow me to go have dinner out of the house with wife and kid... So, I've pretty much decided that I need a dedicated track/race car (use to own a 993 supercup) and a street car. My current garage is an E320 CDI to go to work, my wife has an A190 and the F360.
    I'm thinking that a 997 would be nice to go to work (that will go fine as no one knows how much these things cost and many of my guys have Boxsters and Jags) and that I should get a Radical for the track and give my wife the E class.
    If I do that, I still have the same amount of money in cars except I can take the family to dinner on week-ends in the 997, have a Radical to play and race in a well done series (including Spa) and still have an E class for when we need room.

    What do you guys think? Am I making any sense? In terms of 997, there's Pounds6,000 difference between the regular and S with the options that I want... I don't think that I'll need the extra power on the street, ditto for the sport package...

    I'm looking for advice here, anyone in a similar situation as me?

    All the best

    Re: Looking for advice


    it looks like you have quite an amount of dedication for cars, don't you?

    I would strongly recommend the S model, especially with the sport suspension. It is an astonishing car and if your family can accept the suspension (which they probably) will you could even take it to the track once in a while! You should drive this car, in both suspension configurations, and decide for yourself.


    Re: Looking for advice

    Yep, it's about the oonly thing I really like outside of the family and work... I drove the S with PASM yesterday and must say that after the Modena it felt soooooooo slow... I like the PASM though and would get it on either car. You know, the other thing I'm thinking about is an M5 V10 to replace the Ferrari and a Radical for the track

    Re: Looking for advice


    I am not sure how good the M5 components will last in the beginning and when it will be delivered to the customers anyway.

    I have driven the 997 S with sport suspension and the only real complaint, especially if you come from a 360, might be the subjective experience of the engine. It is in fact very fast but you will discover only way beyond 100 mph, which you probably won't have experienced that often!



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