In France most businesses are not allowed to open on Sundays... That's what happens when unions and leftist governments take over. Restaurants are only open between noon and 2pm because labor is too expensive to stay open longer and taxes stop the owner from making money by staying open longer. Supermarkets are not open late evening either for the same reasons and you have to pay for any call to a service center even if you are a costumer. I am deeply surprised you don't know this since your political views lead DIRECTLY to all these "solutions", France is just 20 years ahead of the rest rest of the left political field in the world. Now you wonder why they have 12% unemployment? Oh and for by the way they also have minimum revenue for everyone... Not only that but high minimum salaries have created a perverse effect where basically the majority of people make between minimum salary and +20% of it creating no incentive to work more than the legal 35 hours week. Obama is going in that direction and Clinton will continue...

+ 20 trillion. Aka 20,000,000,000,000. And growing. 

Excellent summation!  Bottom line you don't have to be a psyc expert to know what makes people tick and what turns them off.  Same goes for simple economics. 

Neighbor just drove by. Jesus Chris that R8 sounds bad ass. Hands down. Have fun and put down the brushes!