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    Some perspective

    Just for the record...

    I bought my C2S Cab on Valentine's day 2007. By my count, that's 604 days ago. 20 months. Coming up on 2 years. 26,000 miles ago.

    I just took a break from surfing the internet and went downstairs to pop a bag of popcorn and impulsively went on a detour through the garage on my way to the kitchen. Just to make sure, you understand, that the 911 was still down there and ok. I checked my tread wear, ran my hands along the fender, and sat in the driver's seat for a moment.

    I love this car as much as the day I drove it home from the dealer. It's worth every penny I spent and then some. It's been an absolute joy on the street and on the track. This is the best car I've ever owned. Full stop.

    Next week I'll drive my car to some fancy restaurant and the valet will park it up front. I'll take it to the grocery store and load up the trunk with food and carry it home. I'll go run some hot laps out at my local track (Harris Hill Road) and try to perfect my line through turn 8. My 911 won't look out of place and will excel at all of those varied tasks. What other car can do that? I honestly don't know.

    We're all tremendously fortunate to be driving Porsches.

    Re: Some perspective

    Nugget, thats the passion why we all buy those cars. Same here for me in Germany. Sometimes its enough just having a quick look on to it when it stands in the Garage. I know exactly what you mean!

    Enjoy it and take care on it,


    Re: Some perspective

    Absolutely - real perspective....worth every single penny.

    Re: Some perspective

    I always go say good night to mine - is that wierd?

    Re: Some perspective

    well....a little, but understandable.

    Re: Some perspective

    I DO appreciate the sentiment.

    OTOH, I'm in excellent shape, HWP, early 40s BUT Sometimes I like to take my M3 out instead because the 997 is "too demanding" to drive and fits too much like glove; is a slight PITA to get in and out of and get stuff in and out.

    Re: Some perspective

    Beautifully put nugget I have exactly the same feeling as you do


    There isn't a day when I don't enjoy hearing the engine fire up, or drive with the top down after a tough day and work, or look over my shoulder as I walk away and not feel grateful that I'm fortunate enough to own one of these cars. Great therapy.



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