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    Question about the Nurburgring...

    Hey, im going to england and germany soon, leaving on october 22nd, we are landing in Munich. And i wanted to know how long approximatly would it take to get to the "ring" in a mercedes or bmw sedan rental... also we might stop in Stuggart on the way. Also can you rent cars AT the "ring" like more performance oriented cars? Anyway thanks for reading and i hope someone can help me out.

    BTW im going with my dad and cousin for 8 days, i cant wait.

    Re: Question about the Nurburgring...

    Hi Andrew,
    i think it will take you 5-7 hours to get from Munich to the Ring, depending on how fast you travelling and the traffic situation.
    The thing about "Rental-Ring-Sportscars" is, that most rental-car-companies forbid by their policies to track the car, and if you`d crash you have no insurance.
    On october 23rd is the last endurance-race on the Ring for this season. I know that`d be a pretty "tight" time-table, but may be you can work it out. Otherwise here are the opening times for the Nordschleife in October .I hope you have a great time in Germany !

    Re: Question about the Nurburgring...

    Hi Andrew,

    it should be about 500 - 600 km (350 to 400 mls.) from Munich to the Ring.

    According to the timetable it is only opened on the 24th of October - be careful on that day since usually a lot of people will be there on Sunday.

    The Ring is officially a toll-road when driven on the tourist days so driving with a rental car shouldn't be a problem actually. I'd be careful with this comment since you can easily lose your insuranse when they can prove you a serious misuse of the car (e.g. passing on the left and driving on the ride side of the track is officially mandatory, speed limits are effective on the Döttinger Höhe at the tourist gate and at Breitscheid, the 2nd exit on the track).

    Be careful when you drive in the wet, the road surfaces and conditions can vary every couple of kms - be very careful! Take it easy in the first lap, especially in the corners.

    Shouldn't you be able to make it to Nürburg, try the Hockenheimring. They also offer Tourist drives (they are opened on 28th of October from 17:30 to 20:00 in the evening). 15 min. for 12 Euros, which is about the same price as one lap on the Nürburgring!

    Feel free to ask or PM if you have any further questions!


    Re: Question about the Nurburgring...


    English - On the ring - Tourist rides



    Re: Question about the Nurburgring...

    Wow, thanks a lot man! Well i would really like to do BOTH but i dont think that is possible, i will talk to my dad about it... good sites! Thank you!

    Re: Question about the Nurburgring...

    Anymore information about renting a "sports" car for nurburgring or hockenheimring?

    Re: Question about the Nurburgring...

    as Ferdie and myself said: if something happens, when tracking ANY rental car, its "over" .
    The thing about the Ring is, that you can destroy "any" car on the Ring easily, independent if there are 50 or 500 Ponies under the hood, when you don`t know the track.
    Don`t get me wrong, i hope you have great time here in Germany, but for a first visit a BMW or Mercedes sedan should me fair enough. So you have a good reason to come back.

    Hockenheim is another thing. The track is very safe with enough space beside the track. There`s only one day left for this year, where you can go on the track and thats the 28th of October.

    Re: Question about the Nurburgring...


    you're welcome. In case you should go leave us a message - maybe we can give you some further information. The Ring is definately worth the trip, driving even more than watching.

    The advantage on every Audi, Merc or Bimmer is the ESP. There are several corners on the Ring that you should drive VERY cautious. When I drove the first time it was raining - good to have a friend with me who had a fairly good knowledge of the track!
    Though my car was more or less bulletproof and understeering in any other driving situation, I experienced oversteer (on a Volkswagen Polo)...

    I would definately say that the above mentioned cars are more than sufficient for your first visit.
    I don't know of any companies offering sportscars for the Ring - I'd say those wouldn't hold up very long! There are some rental companies offering Z4s, SL and SLKs or Porsches.
    Other than that, you can order passenger rides via BMW M GmbH, Zakspeed Racing and some others, which are mainly at the Fridays prior to the VLN long-distance races on the Nordschleife!

    What else have you considered to do during that week? I know that Munich will provide you a lot of fun alone - if I am lucky I will be there end of the month!

    Mike, where are you from? Sounds like you've already driven on the Hockenheim circuit!


    Re: Question about the Nurburgring...

    AndrewSS said:
    Anymore information about renting a "sports" car for nurburgring or hockenheimring?

    Avis rents 996's (or they did when I was at Frankfurt airport in 2001)

    Re: Question about the Nurburgring...

    Grant said:
    Avis rents 996's (or they did when I was at Frankfurt airport in 2001)

    They still do...!

    Andrew, as Mike said there is the last VLN-race of this season on the 23rd of October. Definately interesting to go, not as great as the 24hour-race but still interesting. Depending on your timetable!

    Re: Question about the Nurburgring...

    Hey Ferdie,
    I`m from Germany (like you ?!), I wish i had been to the Hockenheimring. But I have never been even close to it.
    But i "know" the Ring a bit. Until today i did 7, very cautious and respectful laps and watched several endurance races and some industrial testdrives. Kinda impressive standing in the starting-lap at Schwedenkreuz and watching the Alzen GT2 fly by (~270 kmh) and than 20 secs nothing.

    Re: Question about the Nurburgring...

    Yes, me too. I don't live THAT far from the Ring. Far enough to make a quick drive there on Sat. or Sun. I just need the appropriate car for the Ring...

    I watched last years 24hour-race there, arriving on par with the leading group on their introduction lap! Just great! Stayed there until 2 or 3 a.m. in the morning. I honestly can't imagine that Le Mans should be that much better...

    Are you going there again in the next few weeks?

    Re: Question about the Nurburgring...

    I live not too far from it, either. Unfortunately as a student i don`t have the money for a) a car and b) to maintain it and c) tires for the 20 trackdays, i`d visit each year. Not to mention the season-ticket for the Ring.

    I saw the 24h race last year too. I hiked around the ring. It was pretty exhausting, but a unique experience.
    I don`t know, if i`m going to see the last VLN-race. Right now I'm back at university, but may be the Ring calls me to it.

    Re: Question about the Nurburgring...

    Mike, I sent you a PM (in case you didn't notice)!

    Re: Question about the Nurburgring...

    hmmm i suppose you guys are right about it, the merc or bmw sedan should do... hehe dont wanna wreck anything! Thanks for the links, and also is Nurburgring busier than Hockenheim?

    Re: Question about the Nurburgring...

    I can`t say anything about Hockenheim, but at the Nurburgring it depends how buisy it is. Good weather, time, weekends or workdays...
    I have been there once on a workday and not too good weather-conditions, and there were only 2 more cars on the track.

    Where do you want to stay when visiting the Ring ?

    Re: Question about the Nurburgring...

    not sure where im gonna be staying... i would think if we actually go to the nurburgring we will drive back to the hotel... in munich big drive, we are thinking we might not go to nurburgring anymore, probably go to hockenheim if the dates work out...

    Re: Question about the Nurburgring...

    anyone from germany have any good tourist ideas??? Good resturants, and etc?



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