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    Re: Norm Abram

    booger said:
    We had a Norm Abram sighting a few years ago at a restaurant a bit W of here. .......... I wonder what he drives.

    Probably an old "Woody"?

    Re: Norm Abram

    booger said:
    We had a Norm Abram sighting a few years ago at a restaurant a bit W of here. I thought my wife's reaction was a bit too gleeful. I wonder what he drives.

    A Dodge truck with big bulging front grille.

    Also a red Corvette.

    Re: Couple more pics

    Ferdie, I spec'd the car back in May way before even the launch cars were in the US, so my car is the only 997 I've driven. I probably got a bit carried away with the options. My story, basically, is I drive a sports car because it makes my twisty back road commute way more enjoyable. While I'm here, I'll attach another pic.

    Re: Couple more pics


    Re: Couple more pics

    Looks like the perfect 997S. personally i like black over seal, but other than that , perfect options. 19'' carrera 3 wheels look awesome beyond words.

    looking forward to a long term PCCB (generation 2?) report

    Re: Couple more pics

    Keep on attaching 'em booger!

    Re: Couple more pics


    i don't wanna be indiscreet,but...

    how much does a house like this cost?

    Re: Couple more pics

    Mooger, the tinted rear side windows.. is that an option? I think it is a pitty to see the continuity of the front and rear side windows is broken by the change of color, or does it just look like that in the last pic?

    Re: Couple more pics

    Wicked house Booger is it seal grey too The cars not bad either

    Re: Couple more pics

    Joost, wow, sure looks tinted, but it's just the picture. Not many tinted windows in New England.

    OT, but how 'bout them Red Sox? I remember watching us lose to the Cards in '67--my elementary school teacher let us watch the game instead of having lessons. They've broken our hearts quite a bit since then, and we all learn it's never over till it's over. Quite surreal, winning the rematch. We're not supposed to win. Fenway is still a great park for anyone who makes it to Boston.

    Re: Couple more pics

    Great car! Curious if you've experienced this PCCB issue reported by some...that brakes are almost ineffective when wet and not periodically applied, e.g., freeway cruising in rain or post-car wash?

    Re: Couple more pics

    I've had nothing but good experiences with the PCCBs, and have driven in the rain without issue.

    Re: It's here

    Congrats, beautiful car.

    Re: Couple more pics

    booger said:
    Joost, wow, sure looks tinted, but it's just the picture. Not many tinted windows in New England.

    evidently you've never seen a BMW or mercedes

    Can't stop


    Re: Can't stop




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