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    O.T. I miss my car....

    Last night I went into town, and went to the mall, and Bestbuy.
    As I was leaving bestbuy, their was a lot of traffic, so I was just waiting in line to get out of the parking lot, and into the road. I was teh second person in line, and i just had my car in neutral, because I wasn't goin anywhere.

    As I was waiting, I saw a car with his blinker on turning into bestbuy, and he was going WAY too fast.

    He was in a toyota camry, so it was FWD. wheels were turned to the right, but jsut spinning, trying to make the turn.

    He slid right into the front left of my car, smashing in the bumper, the light, and the underbody protector under the engine.
    Also, he was going about 25-30 mph.

    As we got out, and inspected the damage, he said sorry and all that. A cop came, and we exchanged info and just waited to see what would happen.
    Well, my car wasn't drivable, so i had to get a tow truck to get it out of there, and to a bodyshop.

    That, is the story of my day, and I am now without a car for at least a week.

    Re: O.T. I miss my car....

    Andy sorry to hear that man!! ....I'm sure you will have your car back in a week...

    That really sucks, at least both of you are ok....and this $%$%.. can happen to anyone of us...So take it easy...

    Well if you where planning to install some aftermarket stuff, this could be your chance!!

    Hope everything turns out good as soon as possible!!...Keep us posted!

    Re: O.T. I miss my car....

    Naw, no aftermarket stuff, I already have a cold air intake on it, that's enough for me. I need the money I have to replace the brakes and the cats.

    Re: O.T. I miss my car....

    Very sorry to hear about your car Andy, especially because the accident was through no fault of your own.
    I'm sure you'll be back on the road enjoying it very soon though.

    Re: O.T. I miss my car....

    Yeah i hope so. I can't get a rental car too, because I'm not 18. So now I have to bum rides off of my friends.

    Re: O.T. I miss my car....

    that's sucks.. ;\
    i had something like that myself a few months ago..

    which car you got?
    hope it won't take too much to fix it..

    look at the bright side - you haven't got hurt!

    Re: O.T. I miss my car....

    my car is a '95 Audi 90 Quattro 5-spd. And I think it wil take quite a bit to fix. but luckily his insurance is covering it. And yeah i guess it is good I didn't get hurt.

    Re: O.T. I miss my car....

    Sorry to hear about that Andy!
    Was it raining?
    Hopefully one of your friends has a CGT!

    Good luck!

    Re: O.T. I miss my car....

    Well i know a guy with one, but it's the winter so he put it away. Next spring though, he's giving me a ride.

    Re: O.T. I miss my car....


    Re: O.T. I miss my car....

    Sorry about your car Andy... I'm sure you'll get it back in no time. Cheer up man.

    Re: O.T. I miss my car....

    Yeah I think I will too. I'm not that sad about it anymore, it'll get fixed. However, I'm going to be driving a Honda Element, a bright orange one, for the next few weeks. fun fun.



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