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    Da Matta injured when race car hits deer

    Just read this:

    Re: Da Matta injured when race car hits deer

    I hope he pulls through. He's always been a favorite of mine since I saw him clinch the champ car championship a few years back.

    Re: Da Matta injured when race car hits deer

    I think it is very unaccepatble for this to happen at a major road course. There should be controls in place to stop something like this.

    Re: Da Matta injured when race car hits deer

    here is the latest on his condition:

    Re: Da Matta injured when race car hits deer

    911fan said:
    I think it is very unaccepatble for this to happen at a major road course. There should be controls in place to stop something like this.

    This is not the first time it has happened. I was at Road Atlanta when a deer crossed the track. It got away without being hit. As most race tracks are out in the country, I am not sure how you could prevent this unless you enclose the whole track with a 10 foot fence, thus taking away the visibility from the spectators. Not an easy answer.

    Re: Da Matta injured when race car hits deer

    Exactly, most tracks are in the sticks. Obviously people don't want a loud track in their backyard so they have to be in rural areas. Rural areas have more wildlife...

    About 4 years ago my father was in a race at Mosport. Cresting the top of Corner 4 (for those of you that arn't familiar with the track corner 4 is at the end of a moderate uphill straight, the corner starts at the top of a hill and goes left and down about 70 feet. The entrance is blind and if you want to be fast you go over it without lifting. In my dad's car that would have been 4th gear and abour 120 mph) he hit the last 2 of a group of wild turkeys that were crossing the track. They had just started to take off and he destroyed one quarterpanel, his hood and broke his windsheild when one luckily hit the windsheild surround instead of 6 inches to the right which would have taken off his head.

    I would think that the only thing you could really do is, when the track is not rented out, allow hunters in to hunt.



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