Porker, I was at the qualifying session on Thursday, awesome atmosphere isn't it?Smiley

I think Dr Piech will make it a personal issue to see Porsche at the top of endurance in 2014 again personally, with or without Audi, it will be extremely exciting and I am sure their LMP1 will be fabulous.

By then, Toyota will be in full swing, strong rumours about Nissan in LMP1 in the paddocks this year too, and who knows, maybe more players, I heard a little bird mentionning the word Alpine.Smiley

One thing's for sure, new regulations means the P1 will be petrol Hybrid, so the cars will sing and THAT is an awesome news. The Audi is impressive but you can almost hear the tyre roar you stand by the Dunlop Chicane.Smiley

And until the Toyotas were both out, they were giving a good fight to the Audis.

IMSA saved Porsche's honour with a podium, they had to put Anthony Pons in the car at the end in order for him to complete the minimum time a driver has to do during the 24 hours (4 hours).

The GTE pros were rather unlucky but that's the race.

Awesome win for AF Corse who started at the back of the grid.