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    US service costs

    Hi guys & gels, just wondering if anyone has a way to find out accurate prices for servicing & consumables in the US?

    In the UK we have a set guide follow the links below.....
    Then click on 997 download PDF.
    I am after the American equivalent pricing, can anyone help???
    Thanks in anticipation.

    Re: US service costs

    Insane prices - much of it can be done yourself. Who in their right minds would pay $100 to change wiper blades or $550 to replace a battery, $1000+ to replace spark plugs in a GT3!!!!! I doubt they made it that hard to replace spark plugs, even for a GT3. They don't even have the clutch replacement listed - perhaps they don't have the attachments to list that price. $30 to top of the Mobil1 - as I have mentioned my dealer charges $60 for an entire oil and filter change including a C-class Merc rental with a tank of gas during which time he checks everyting he can an performs any outstanding maintenance items covered by the warranty.

    That is not a price list - it's a bank robbery hold-up note. People must be out of their minds to pay those prices. Even if you can't pick up a wrench there are many more qualified technicians than the dealer has that can do this work for 1/4 of the price with their eyes closed. Plesae do not tell me it takes factory training to replace a battery or change brake fluid. If you don't think the dealer lets the car wash guys to these jobs you are kidding yourself. Once you pay these prices the dealer will have your number and it will only get worse. No wonder these cars suffer such depreciation - no one would want to buy a car that costs this much to maintain - unless one realized that this is all smoke and mirror stuff.

    Re: US service costs

    I think that the price includes the cost of the part itself, and yes, it is very high nonetheless. It must seem very expensive also because the dollar is weak now. Generally, these are the prices we are used to in Europe across the board also for other premium brands.

    By the way, our current price of fuel suitable for the GT3 here is 8,50 USD per US gallon. How does that sound to you?

    Re: US service costs

    Makes our prices sound cheap. Shell premium (93 octane, called "V-Power" in the U.S., called "Optimax" in the UK and possibly in other parts of Europe) costs about U.S. $4.08 per gallon. The only difference is that in the U.S. we tend to drive longer distances, as the public transportation system is non-existent outside of the major cities. But our prices are relatively low, although they are not subsidized by the government.


    Re: US service costs

    Just had my 911 in for the 20k service interval. Here are the numbers:

    20k Service:
    4.5 hours $440.45

    Oil Filter Insert $29.28
    10 qts of Mobile 1 $69.60
    Cabin Air Filter for my Cabriolet $99.38
    Aluminum Seal Ring $1.10
    Total $199.26
    Combined Total $639.71

    Replace wiper blades $50.51 I ordered this; they were squeaking.

    Full Detail $163.00

    "Customer pay shop charge for repair order" $30.00
    What's that? Maybe it's the labor for replacing the wiper blades (not covered by warranty). Who knows...

    Labor $440.45
    Parts $249.77
    Sublet (that's the full detail) $163.00
    Misc charges $30.00 --goes to their beer fund probably
    Total $883.22
    Sales Tax $23.09

    Please pay this amount: $906.31

    Re: US service costs

    Recently paid $508.97 for a 2 year service which included a 15% discount offered by the dealership in May. This was my first dealer service performed since I have accumulated only about 9,000 miles and have not reached the mileage based service requirement yet. The service included an oil change, air filter, brake fluid replacement and other various inspection/service items.

    Re: US service costs

    US prices vary all over the place. The same with parts. Some dealers charge extremely high prices for brakes pads for instance. At others, its almost half the cost.

    Re: US service costs

    vtrader said:
    US prices vary all over the place. The same with parts. Some dealers charge extremely high prices for brakes pads for instance. At others, its almost half the cost.

    I would always check with Sunset (Beaverton, OR) and Suncoast Porsche (Sarasoto, FL) (two US dealers who provide parts at substantial discounts) before purchasing parts at my local dealer. I purchased my sport exhaust from Sunset and with shipping was several hundred dollars cheaper than my local dealer. My dealer installed it for me with no hassles.



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