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    Is a Cayenne the thing to replace an E55?

    Hi everyone. While I am still waiting for the 996TTS, I am also thinking about replacing the family car a W211 E55. The new car should be able to pull a horse float/race car trailer. Be very comfortable for family trips through Europe and have proper performance.

    While I am somewhat begging the question by posting here: Is a Cayenne the car for this or should I look at something like a Range Rover? If so, which one? What options are "compulsory" on this car?

    I have looked at used prices which seem a bit down on new in the UK. How are used prices holding more broadly?

    Re: Is a Cayenne the thing to replace an E55?

    It is certainly a matter of taste. What works for one person, doesn't for another. The Cayenne is an excellent family car and gives a good measure of sporting feel as well. It may be the most competent thing you are considering for towing. I have pulled at, or over, it's limit of 7700 lbs. without a problem. For best ride comfort and self-leveling when you tow, get the air suspension. I have no idea about used prices.

    Re: Is a Cayenne the thing to replace an E55?

    After I sold my 996 Turbo, I went for a E55 AMG, especially because my wife has given birth to our second child and the 996 Turbo suddenly seemed to be useless, a garage queen.
    We already had a ML55 AMG family car and I just wanted something more sporty to enjoy, something similar to the 996 Turbo but with more interior and luggage room. I really liked the E55 AMG a lot but lots of little electronics problems and the horrible traction, even with a factory limited slip differential retrofit, made me sell it after 8 months of ownership. I went for a Cayenne Turbo instead and although the Cayenne Turbo isn't that fast on the straight line and definetely isn't as good in sharp twists and turns, I just love this truck. It offers a lot of space for two kids and luggage (and we carry a lot of luggage with us), it is comfortable (my wife just loves it), it can be driven very sporty too with a pretty direct steering feel and up til now (12000 km) we didn't have any serious issues with it, just a faulty rear hatch window lock micro switch.
    Unfortunately there is a little problem which doesn't allow me to be 100% happy with the Cayenne Turbo: the throttle/shifting hesitation issue. A lot of customers complaint about it but it seems that Porsche doesn't care about it or doesn't WANT to care about it. Believe me, we made a lot of different approaches to get a result but nothing. Very disappointing. And the worst part: my wife doesn't want to drive the Cayenne Turbo because she is used to the very responsive ML55 throttle/shifting and she almost had an accident with the Cayenne Turbo due to the throttle hesitation. This is something very very annoying and I really don't understand why Porsche doesn't do something about it. Otherwise, the Cayenne Turbo is almost the perfect family car. Fuel consumption is high but it also depends on your driving style. I had up to 28 litres/100 km in my E55, the Cayenne Turbo is even worse when driving at full speed.

    The Cayenne Turbo is almost perfect, only the throttle/shifting hesitation makes it difficult to really love it. Some customers claim they don't have a throttle/shifting hesitation but I think they just didn't own another SUV before, especially not a BMW X5 4.4/4.6is or a ML55. I can live with it but sometimes I start to myself because I'm so angry when I'm reminded of the throttle/shifting hesitation again.

    Re: Is a Cayenne the thing to replace an E55?

    Thanks. Apparently there is at least a 12 month wait on new Turbos in the UK. There goes that idea.

    Re: Is a Cayenne the thing to replace an E55?

    JasonC said:
    Apparently there is at least a 12 month wait on new Turbos in the UK. There goes that idea.

    Maybe that's why my dealer in sweden sells more than 50% of his new cars to the UK! I think he has 5 months wait for a rhs turbo.

    Re: Is a Cayenne the thing to replace an E55?

    I personally, wouldn't choose the Range Rover over the Cayenne. I've heard that the latest Range Rover has many malfunction problems and other small electrical problems.

    Yes, the car is amazing, but I wouldn't spend $90K on a vehicle that will be in shop 4-5 days out of the week. Just my .02 cents.

    Re: Is a Cayenne the thing to replace an E55?

    I don't know but would you be willing to wait for the new M5 despite its looks?

    Re: Is a Cayenne the thing to replace an E55?

    i love the new M5

    Re: Is a Cayenne the thing to replace an E55?

    RC I just got myself 2005 E55 and i have no traction problems at all even in wet.. In snow I will see soon, and also my petrol concumption is around 18 to 21 liters... So far no problems... Also test drove the cayenne awesome car and its very fast!!!



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