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    PCM 2

    I have asked this question before a few months ago, but in light of the news article I thought to ask it again. I saw the post regarding the PCM2 retrofit for MY 2003 cars. I have a 2002 Targa with PCM and I have had lots of trouble with my unit (with the issues still unresolved). I have inquired about a switch to PCM2 and the service manager is not optimistic but is checking with the PCNA representative.

    Is there any way to retrofit PCM2 into a 2002 that had PCM1?


    Re: PCM 2

    NO. Reason: the MY 2003 cars are equipped with the MOST Bus technology and the PCM 2 is compatible with that technology only.
    The MOST Bus is kind of a multimedia networking interface, actually a fiber optic network system.
    MOST was originally designed by Oasis SiliconSystems AG in cooperation with BMW, Becker Radio, and DaimlerChrysler.
    The use of a common high-speed bus could help carmakers and their suppliers simplify the process of adding to vehicles a host of multimedia devices such as navigation systems, CD players, video screens, digital radios, cell phones and in-car PCs. Today, vendors often redesign products several times to meet the requirements of each automaker's proprietary data bus network.
    Endorsement of MOST is seen as a key step for vehicle manufacturers facing an explosion of automotive electronic products. Use of a standard network would let them add new electronics closer to a vehicle's introduction date. For example, manufacturers are already in the planning stage for vehicles that will be introduced in the 2005 model year and later.
    For more than a year, automakers have viewed MOST as a candidate. The system, created by the MOST Cooperation (Karlsruhe, Germany), uses a 25-Mbit/second fiber-optic bus.

    Automakers are showing a growing interest in the MOST bus because it offers far higher data rates than buses based on controller-area network (CAN) technology, which is commonly used in today's vehicles for such chores as power-train control. IDB-C (Intelligent Transportation Systems Databus-CAN), for example, offers speeds of about 250 kbits/s, about 100 times slower than MOST. As a result, such CAN-based buses are expected to give way to fiber-optic networks in multimedia applications, although they will continue in their roles under the hood.

    Some car makers (especially from the US) however expect IDB-1394, a high-speed bus based on the 1394 computer industry standard, to become the new standard regarding multimedia systems in cars, after some aspects of the spec are brought up to "automotive grade."
    Many engineers like 1394 because it is compatible with camcorders, video players, DVD systems and other consumer gear that might eventually plug into vehicles. Some engineers are hesitant, however, because unlike MOST, 1394 hasn't been fully proven out in rigorous automotive environments.

    I hope this detailed description of the MOST Bus technology shows you that a retrofit on your is impossible without adding the MOST Bus to your car (which would cost a fortune because the whole wiring has to be exchanged, despite other parts).



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