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    Has anybody on the West Coast received their cars yet?

    Has anyone who had a car on the Utopia Ace that docked last week or the New Nada, which docks this Wednesday in San Diego received any status or delivery information on their cars?

    Re: Has anybody on the West Coast received their cars yet?

    I think my 997S is on New Nada. I have been told by the dealer that they will be notified of its arrival at the port, but nothing further until it shows up at the dealership. Seems like a sloppy way to run a business, but there you are. I am hoping to see my car next week late or early the following week.

    I would be happy to know when you have your car delivered, vtrader.

    Re: Has anybody on the West Coast received their cars yet?

    My car arrived on the 14th (Thursday) in San Diego. I was told that it completed PDI on late Tuesday, the 19th. Now its waiting for transportation to the dealer.

    Re: Has anybody on the West Coast received their cars yet?

    Great news for you! I hope you get your car this week.

    "New Nada" has just arrived in San Diego from what I see on the 24th St. Terminal video camera. I suspect I won't see my car at the dealer until week after next. If it happens earlier, I will be happily surprised.

    Good luck, vtrader!

    Re: Has anybody on the West Coast received their cars yet?

    vtrader, I had confirmation from the dealer today that my 997S arrived in San Diego yesterday on "New Nada". He said he expects to receive it within a week. Sold cars have priority over stock ordered cars for processing at the port.

    I was told earlier that the dealer needs 1-2 days to do their own PDI and detail the car, depending upon their shop workload. Also no work is done on a weekend.

    Based upon this and the information on your car status as of Tuesday, I don't expect to see it in my driveway until the week of November 1st. Like most endeavors, "the last mile" is the hardest.

    Re: Has anybody on the West Coast received their cars yet?

    Don't forget to tell your dealer not to install the front license plates, if you don't want holes drilled on your bumper.

    Re: Has anybody on the West Coast received their cars yet?

    My arrived at the dealer on Friday (8 days afer arrival in San Diego). I will pick it up on Monday.

    Re: Has anybody on the West Coast received their cars yet?

    Thanks for the update. I am expecting much the same sequence for my car that arrived on Thursday, October 21st at San Diego. If all goes to plan I should have it on Monday or Tuesday, November 1st or 2nd.

    This week is harder than the past 3-1/2 months have been, as far as waiting is concerned.

    I am looking forward to actually seeing my new car and driving it. It will be my daily driver.

    Re: Has anybody on the West Coast received their cars yet?

    Beautiful Bill. What is the color? The specs?

    Re: Has anybody on the West Coast received their cars yet?

    I have ordered the following:
    Seal Grey Metallic Exterior
    Sand Beige Full Leather Interior
    Adaptive Sport Seats
    Heated Seats
    Sport Chrono Package
    Navigation for PCM
    Bose High End Sound Package
    6-disk CD changer
    Self-dimming Mirrors
    Wheel Caps with Colored Crest

    vtrader - Pics please!

    I hope you are out driving your new 997 right now before the rains come tomorrow.

    Let us see some pictures of your new car, when you have the time.

    Re: vtrader - Pics please!

    Thanks Bill,

    I am driving it right now. The car is just awesome, awesome. Will post some pics tomorrow.

    Re: vtrader - Pics please!

    Congratulations! I wish you all the best with your new 997. I look forward to your pictures and to the receipt of my own car very soon.

    Re: vtrader - Pics please!

    congrats vtrader!enjoy it!


    My dealer just called. I am picking up my 997S tomorrow morning, Thursday. Now I am really excited!!

    With any luck it will be dry tomorrow.



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