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    Bargain UK C4S cab tip for sale...

    The imminent arrival of my new 997 C4S coupe and an awful trade-in price will give someone the chance of a bargain.
    My car is just over a year old, has done 3,700 miles. Midnight blue, blue hood and full blue leather C4S must either be sold in the next week or be stolen from me by the dealer.

    Total spec - cost new was over Pounds91k. Immaculate, garaged and well cared for. This car will go back on the Porsche forecourt priced at well over Pounds80k.

    Spec includes: tiptronic gearbox, adaptive sports seats, nav + phone, bose sound, 19" sport design wheels with colour crests, auto wipers and mirrors, thicker 3 spoke steering wheel, Porsche Sports Exhaust, Sport Chrono, additional leather, crested seats, VTS, TPMS etc.
    Only reason for sale is that I want a manual not a tiptronic.

    Can supply pictures if anyone wants to see it but it has to go in the next few days.

    Re: Bargain UK C4S cab tip for sale...

    The car will have to go by the end of the week so last chance...

    Re: Bargain UK C4S cab tip for sale...

    Nobody wants a tiptronic. You are lucky you are not in the US, you could not get 40K (pounds) for it here - that is just about the new price here.
    Good luck with that.
    Cheers -

    Re: Bargain UK C4S cab tip for sale...

    Actually not true Leawood - nobody here may want a tip as most of the posters on this board are enthusiasts but in Central London tips heavily outsell manuals. If this was my only car and I had to drive it daily into central London there is no way I would have a manual. But thanks for your contribution. Plus we pay nearly double for our cars here so the starting point is somewhat different.

    Re: Bargain UK C4S cab tip for sale...

    I do have a question: why do you sell it in the first place? Or maybe I should ask why you're buying another one if you want to sell?

    You're basically trading a cab for a coupe, am I right? Doesn't make any sense to me.

    Re: Bargain UK C4S cab tip for sale...

    In the UK, it's worth checking out Pistonheads for non-OPC trades...


    Best of luck!

    Re: Bargain UK C4S cab tip for sale...

    Amazon, I'm trading a tiptronic for a manual. I bought the tip a year ago as I was using it to commute daily through central London and its a great compromise but its a compromise and for me a Porsche should be a manual so I have another car I can use for my daily trip to work so I ordered a manual car to replace it. Whilst I was doing it I decided to go back to a coupe as again for me that's the true 911 experience - manual and hard top.

    Had an advert on Pistonheads for a week Boxster but didn't really get my act together quick enough.

    Re: Bargain UK C4S cab tip for sale...

    Do you mind me asking what the OPC was suggesting for a trade in?

    Re: Bargain UK C4S cab tip for sale...

    If its forecourting for Pounds81k then i'd reckon on Pounds70k trade - ouch, but the more you pay the more you lose on cars in general



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