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    Michael Schumacher to race on in Formula 1 in 2012

     Hope not a repost

    "Michael Schumacher has confirmed he will race on next season into the third year of his comeback.

    Mercedes team boss Ross Brawn told BBC Sport two weeks ago that the German legend had a contractual option to leave the team after this season.

    Asked whether he would stay on in 2012, he said: “Was it ever a question?”

    The 42-year-old added: “I am here for an achievement and a fixed target. I always said it was a three-year programme and that’s what it is.”


    Re: Michael Schumacher to race on in Formula 1 in 2012

    I was hoping that he would spare himself of the (additional) embrarassment and would retire ASAP.


    Re: Michael Schumacher to race on in Formula 1 in 2012

    Schumi. Pack it up. Don't footnote the legacy with a stain.

    Re: Michael Schumacher to race on in Formula 1 in 2012

     He must be enjoying it too much to let go. He's got racing fuel in his blood, and maybe even competing in the middle of the pack satisfy his need of competition.


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    Re: Michael Schumacher to race on in Formula 1 in 2012

    I think that he cannot force himself to retire while performing so poorly, I think in his mind he believes he can go back to being the Schumacher that he once was, and then go out and be  able to retire while in the spotlight and winnning races, like then gambling addict that believes that he will win in the next hand all his looses and then retire from the game, and keeps on loosing more and more.

    But the more he races the worse it will be, the more obviuos it will be that he is no longer the same driver, and he is no better this year than last year, he cannot beat his own teammate and is already 3 places behind him in the championship.

    I don't think he is in there for the money, and I sincerely don't think that he actually enjoying it right now, not like this. He is an alfa driver, uber competitive, and with one thing on his mind always, winning at all costs, thats how he got to be one of the greatest, and thats how all these drivers are. For someone like that to be struggling at the back of the pack, without even getting close to a 3rd podium finish, everybody expecting him to win and he not delivering, being even outshine by his younger teamate, etc is not fun, its toruture. If he is enduring it when he has no need (he has won everything already and has nothing to prove, he has money) its because he cannot be objective about himself and believes he can still miraculously bounce back in the next race, always the next race...


    Re: Michael Schumacher to race on in Formula 1 in 2012

    I think Carlos has read this right

    The gambler analogy is a good one IMO ... he wants to salvage the respect for his comeback ... but he is missing the point IMO ... he will always be respected for his past glories ... but the longer this failed comeback continues, he is just losing people's respect for his second career ...

    I think if he just called a press conference and made an emotional farewell ... people would really respect that.


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