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    997 Turbo 2nd Hand after two or more years

    Hi everybody

    Ok the subject is this. I want to learn about the New and Second Hand prices of 997 Turbos(I mean a guess about 997 TT for 2nd).

    For example i want to show an example. Year was 2004.
    In my country a new 996 TT tipronic with full options price range was between 235.000-245.000 Euro. At same year its rival Ferrari 360 Modena was about 255.000-260.000 Euro price. Both their goverment taxes are same. Ok if i look now. About 2 and a half years past. Both 996 TT and 360 Modena become unproduced cars( I mean old).

    When i checked the market i saw same 2004 Turbos are about 135.000 Euros and 360 Modena about 190.000 Euros. So doesnt the porsche loose its price advantage in second hand in quick time pass, such as 2 years. For much years passed for example 2001 996 TT compared to 2001 360 Modena the price is 100.000 Euros to 175.000 Euros. The porsche loose its value so sharp when the time passes.

    Last week i checked the 997 TT in a gallery. It was full option package SC , Tiptronic etc etc. All things included. The price is 285.000 Euro. That look so much to me to compared the old 996 TT.
    Anyway when i look the F430 the new price is 330.000 Euro in my country and the 2005 ones(2nd hand) are about 275.000-285.000 price range. I expect the Turbo will be around 200.000-215.000 in one years and 190.000-200.000 in two years.

    So is this same in your country for the 997 TT and 996 TT price compare also it is compared to F430 or Lambo Gallardo??

    Re: 997 Turbo 2nd Hand after two or more years

    The used car prices are roughly the same here. It seems to differ from country to country though.

    Re: 997 Turbo 2nd Hand after two or more years

    gosh !
    I have the answer : marry a german girl and use the 997TT with german plates in Istambul .
    it's crazy spend the duoble of the price .

    Re: 997 Turbo 2nd Hand after two or more years

    Let's put it this way... the E46 M3 holds its value better than any of Porsche's current line-up.

    Porsche doesn't need to be the next Ferrari but they should keep the brand from becoming the next McDonald's of automobiles.

    Re: 997 Turbo 2nd Hand after two or more years

    While it's true that Ferrari is a more sought-after brand, if you drove a Ferrari 20,000 km a year, its value would drop faster than a 911 turbo with similar km.

    So if you choose to buy a 911 Turbo, drive it every day, otherwise you're losing money!

    If what you're looking for is some superb piece of garage furniture, then do get a Ferrari.

    Re: 997 Turbo 2nd Hand after two or more years

    Where I live used F430's cost more than new ones. Not true for turbo's. Same for the entire U.S. basically.

    And most of the world F430's hold value a lot better than the turbo. It's true for 99.99% of the world. Crash lives in the .01 percentile and won't tell anyone where that is exactly.

    Re: 997 Turbo 2nd Hand after two or more years

    So mostly same as i understand.
    But Groom , here same km (most of them 20k-30k) 4 yeard old Modena is expensive than 2 year old 996 TT.

    I think the most value keeping car for porsche is Carrera S.

    Sergini: No thanks i dont need a german girl. But Damn taxes are making the cars become German Price x 2.2 in here

    Re: 997 Turbo 2nd Hand after two or more years

    For examplew check this link
    Prices are Euro

    Re: 997 Turbo 2nd Hand after two or more years


    I'm really impressed about prices in your Country!

    Are taxes on cars soo high?

    Re: 997 Turbo 2nd Hand after two or more years

    Need to also consider total operating costs of one's overall fleet of commuter, winter weather and wkend cars....for ex, in LA/SF, a single guy can "subsist" w/just one car...a 997TT/599/430 for both commuting and wkends and have no need for a winter car/winter tires; however, prob 95%+ of non-retired guys would not want to commute daily to office in a new F b/c of image/jealousy issues even in jaded places like LA/SF/Greenwich ....though a new F every yr is itself almost costless in US, prob 95%+ of US F owners "need" to also pay for a rapidly depreciating 997TT/65 for daily commuting anyway...

    Also, need to factor in US' flexible leasing choices....a "cost-sensitive" guy can lease a loaded $150K 997TT w/a $0 down, 36 mo lease for ?$2500/mo; drive car 10-15K mi/yr; pay for new tires/oil changes; and hand car back to P dealer at end of lease and get another new car for yet another $0 down lease....deprec costs are implicitly fixed by terms of lease; one's mtce costs are well-known and minimal; car is under full factory warranty during one's use; and one moves on to latest/greatest new 997TT (or whatever car one chooses) upon completion of lease.....

    Additionally, mfrs in US mkt sometimes will offer very favorable lease terms/discts on certain hard-to-sell and/or fast-depreciating models, making MSRP and trade-in values less relevant in calc'g real-world ownership costs....for ex, MB offers rather fairly priced $0 down, 2 yr leases on its $200K '07 65s.....

    Re: 997 Turbo 2nd Hand after two or more years

    Byron said:

    I'm really impressed about prices in your Country!

    Are taxes on cars soo high?


    I can give a quick data. Take the Germany Taxes off price.

    Add the shipment costs on the car. (to ship it to Turkey).
    Then add a %84 Special Consumption Tax. Then add a %18 Regular Consumption Tax and then add the profit of the car dealer. Then you got the car. BTW the yearly tax of these cars (when you buy it) i can say it is Vehicle taxes are about 8000 Euro per year.

    F430 about 330.000 Euros same as Gallardo

    997TT 275-285 Euro

    Cayenne TTs 210.000 Euro

    Merc SL65 AMG 350.000 Euro



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