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    997S not so different a drive than 996?

    Okay, I adore my '01 911 but have been drooling over the new 997S. I finally went for a test drive and I was..... disappointed.

    I didn't feel much of a difference in steering, acceleration or overall driving feel. 0-60 MPH felt like my 996. From 60-100MPH the 997S definitely feels faster but that speed range isn't as important to me as 0-60.. The looks of the new 997 - inside and out - are awesome. But, for me, it drove like a 996.

    Has anyone else had that experience or did I get a lemon for my test drive? Can any new 997 owners that had 996's comment - do you feel much of a difference?

    Old School.

    Re: 997S not so different a drive than 996?

    I had a 2000 996 Carrera 4 and now have a 997S. I think the 997S is definitely faster, much better inside and considerably better looking outside and a much tauter driving car.

    Re: 997S not so different a drive than 996?

    Had an '02 996C2
    I now have a 997S, to me it is a whole new car that handles crisper, seating is better, ergonomics are better.
    I'am glad I made the switch!

    Re: 997S not so different a drive than 996?

    I had a 2001 996 which I really liked very fun to drive. When I test drove a 997S I didn't feel it was much different from my 996 either. I have had my 997S Cab now for 500 miles (still in break in mode). Even so I think the 997 is a much better overall car. The acceleration is more linear and responsive even in the low rpm range. The handling is much better very crisp and purposeful. The car feels lighter yet more rigid. I sold my 996 to a friend and drove it after I got my 997 and the difference is very noticable. I am not sure why we both felt little difference during the test drive but you will not be disappionted once you get one home.

    Re: 997S not so different a drive than 996?

    kevinm said:I am not sure why we both felt little difference during the test drive but you will not be disappionted once you get one home.

    When I test drove a 997S, I could immediately tell the behavior in curves was much more desirable than the 996s I have owned. It seemed that the car's ultimate grip was much more accessible, with better turn-in.

    Re: 997S not so different a drive than 996?

    I have driven the two back to back and, although the 996 was a pre-facelift model, there was quite a big difference..

    The acceleration was in 2 different leagues + handeling differences were even more pronounced.
    As far as looks and interior quality is concerned, the 997 is much better, again.
    i'm not saying the 996 is a bad car performance and quality wise, but the 997 just has it licked.
    The 997 is definately a better car dynamically, no doubt about it.

    Re: 997S not so different a drive than 996?

    When i first made a testdrive with the 997s i felt the same like you did in the first 10 minutes.
    But i was lucky to drive it a 300km and must say i completely changed my mind after going faster and fasyer and faster...
    Now i've driven my 997S cab for almost 10.000km and it is better in every domain than my former 996 cabrio.I could not better explain it than porsche says: by making every little detail better it ended up being a completely different and much better car ... driven by precision.

    I find myself that the 997 combines, looks and directness of the 993 with the easy drive and forgiveability off the 996.

    Don't hesitate it's a fantastic and better choice, you won't regrett..

    Re: 997S not so different a drive than 996?

    Thanks guys for all the great feedback.

    You've told me exactly what I was hoping to hear - that my brief test drive didn't let me really experience all the enhancements.

    Your messages have restored my excitement about the 997 and I will proceed with the upgrade.

    Thanks again!




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