red911 said:

I did touch redline in the first few gears with under 100 miles but I would characterize my driving style as moderate. I certainly did not stay under the 4200 rpm range but also did not red line the car except for a very few times. Generally, a would say that I shifted at around 5000 rpm's. My trips were generally in the 30-100 miles range. I don't think I have ever driven the car more than 100 miles on a trip. So, I would say that my driving style is moderately aggressive. I guess I should check for smoke under heavy acceleration but there is definitely no smoke or even a faint smell of smoke on start up. I have been driving 911's since the 70's and remember my first 911, a 1972 911T used a quart of oil every 600 miles and under heavy acceleration reminded me of the mosquito sprayers that ran the streets of my home town during the summers.

Red911, I would characterize my break-in about the same as yours. A few blips to the redline did happen, but basically I kept her around or below 5,000-5,500 most of the time, and I drive moderately aggressive (I like to step into the torque alot, but don't necessarily wind the pee out of her, I drive mine alot like a V8).

I'm just shy of 6,000 miles, and I've yet to add a drop of oil. My gauge is finally starting to consistantly register two-bars-down, so I'm planning to top her off for the first time this weekend. Hence, my consumption has been on the LOW END of what we've heard on this forum, and I was very casual about the break-in, preferring my own more realistic and common-sensical approach, in my own humble opinion. I wouldn't worry....YET. If that sort of consumption persists, then I would get a compression leak-down test done at 10K.