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    Transmission vs. Clutch rattle


    Hello all,
    I am having a problem with my new/used 997 Turbo. I bought the car with about 6000 miles on the clock and it is now up to about 10,900; so still a baby. I do have the extended warranty until 2012 and want to get this problem figured out soon so if it is something big, I’m not left with the total bill.

     I brought the car in to the dealer the other week with two big problems:
    1.       There was a rattle in the center consul that sounded like a plastic washer rattling and came from some loose springs in the hand brake mechanism. They had to replace the whole mechanism with a newly engineered one from Porsche. So that was one problem fixed.
    a.       I just tell you all this because this was the first one they said was making this noise and wanted other people to know about it in case you are in the same place I was.
    2.       The second was what I thought was a bad AC compressor pump. There was a great deal of rattling when it was turned on. They compared it to another ’07 on the lot and mine seemed to be making more noise. They decided to replace the whole unit.
    So now the new problem is that the rattling, that I thought was coming from the AC compressor, is still there. I need some of your expert opinions to see if what the dealer is telling me is the way I should go or not.
    Here is what I can tell you:
    -          The sound is a rattle that is heard the loudest under the car on the driver’s side right under the wheel.
    -          It is faintly there when the car is turned on but is amplified if the AC is turned on and the compressor engages.
    -          The sound total disappears when the clutch pedal is depressed and comes back when you let off of it.
    My dealer said that it is probably the clutch and since it is a “wearable” item that my warranty will not cover it – replacement cost $4000. I don’t want to have to replace this whole thing if there could be a transmission problem and that the warranty would cover it.
    Any thought?


    Re: Transmission vs. Clutch rattle

    I had the same problem on a Boxster when it was 5-6 years old (rattling that went away when the clutch was depressed). It wasn't as much audible when the engine was cold but it was accentuated when it became hot and in the hot summer it was too bad.

    I was told it was "lay shaft noise" and the dealer insisted that it was a "cosmetic" nuisance without any risk of real damage. In the end they changed the transmission oil and the noise was gone and stayed like that for the next 2-3 years until I sold the car.

    Start by replacing the transmission oil.


    "Form follows function"

    Re: Transmission vs. Clutch rattle

    HI Jonathan, welcome to Rennteam! Sorry to read about your technical problem. Hope you'll find a solution.


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