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    A Porsche 959 sealed away from time.......

    Apparently the 959 was vacuum sealed and stored with a special storage company in Switzerland that usualy dealt with perserving fine art and antiquities. This was done almost immediatly when the car was purchased from the factory in (1987?) It is still stored there, and has recently been offered up for sale. Now I know there has to be some potential buyers lurking on this board LINK

    Re: A Porsche 959 sealed away from time.......

    This baby is not sealed away from time but hardly driven. It is for sale now at my Porsche dealer over here in Germany but I guess he'll never get what he asks for. The car is sold by a bank, BTW.
    The 959 might even outrun the GT2, pretty impressive for a 15 year or so old car.

    Re: A Porsche 959 sealed away from time.......

    Here are 3 (of 13) that Bruce Canepa owns. I was lucky enough to tour his shop and sit in a couple of them. All are new and never owned. They sat is a warehouse in Oakland, CA for almost 10 years waiting for legal approval. The second photo shows the Canepa re-designed (modified) 959 wheel with a new paint scheme he calls Titanium. The wheels have the lip of the rim modified so they can use the new lower profile tires.

    Re: A Porsche 959 sealed away from time.......

    Thanks for the pictures RC and Loren What an ordeal it was to get these cars legalised for the U.S. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I understand Bruce Canepa was chosen by Porsche AG to be the certification arm for this car in the United States.

    RC, is the price of that 959 at your dealer really that unbelievable? How much is he asking?

    Re: A Porsche 959 sealed away from time.......

    Bruce was instrumental in getting a law passed in the US that allows private citizens to own unique and exotic cars that were not approved for sale in the US. The law (as I understand it) simply restricts the use and total mileage per year.
    Bruce has long worked with Porsche and has a number of restored cars. His collection includes quite a number of Porsche race cars (i.e. 1977 LeMans winning 936, 917-30, etc.) that you can only get the parts (or engineering drawings) from Porsche Engineering. He is quite respected as a designer and restorer. I believe Bruce has a handle on a total of 25 959's that he will convert to meet the US specs so that private owners can have one of these beautiful machines in the US. I think he said 12 of the 13 were already sold.

    Erik ...

    As far as I remember, my dealer asks something around 180000 EUR but I'm sure that the price is negotiable because the car is owned by a Bank which wants to see money fast. Apparently the owner had no money anymore ...
    The 959 is a very nice car and somehow "reasonably" priced right now (compared to past years) but maintenance cost is a horror. If you want to drive it, this baby will suck your pockets dry. If you want to keep it as a collectible item, it might be a good investment but I'd never be able to own such a beauty and not drive it.

    Thanks for the nice pics, Loren. NT

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    Re: A Porsche 959 sealed away from time.......

    I have decided to post here because of the volume of mis-information that has recently been printed in Excellence and Autoweek concerning the 959 and Mr. Canepa. Also, my letter to Excellence has somehow been released to third parties.
    Having been retained by Mr. Gates to legalize his 959 and having consulted on the Show and Display law as well as having written the original "proof" package on the 959 and imported the first street legal 959 for Mr. John Dixon as well importing the first BMW Z1 I am dismayed to see Mr. Canepa receiving credit for things he has not done. Here is my response to the Excellence article. Intially Mr. Stout, the editor or Excellence, agreed to print it then reneged.

    July 17, 2003

    Excellence Magazine
    PO Box 1529
    Ross, CA 94957

    To the Editor:

    As the person who wrote the original research paper convincing the DOT to import the Porsche 959 under Show and Display (S&D) and having subsequently imported the first street legal 959 for Mr. John Dixon, I wish to correct several errors and add commentary to your September article on Mr. Canepa, "his" 959s, and the history of the 959.

    The headline on the cover of the September issue is not correct. Information obtained under the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) on all S&D cars imported as of 12/02 shows four 959s which were approved by DOT in 2001/2002 and certified by G&K, an EPA approved ICI in Santa Ana, CA. Three of the cars went to owners in CA and the fourth is a car in Seattle which I was involved with. So Mr. Canepa does not appear to have "certified" the first 50-state approved car. The S&D list also show three Porsche 959s which were certified by Northern California Diagnostic Laboratories NCDL) and are not on the list of 959s referenced in the Excellence article. It is interesting to note that Mr. Canepa and his company, Canepa Design, are not an EPA approved certification facility (ICI); hence, Mr. Canepa cannot certify a Porsche 959 or any vehicle. While the car in the Excellence article, Mr. Chandler's 030, carries the sticker of the ICI, NCDL, and contracts exist between Mr. Canepa and NCDL for some type of conversion work (contracts obtained under FOIA), certification including the actual conversion work has never been formally approved by EPA although EPA has continued to look the other way when such subcontracting has occurred. I have the original list of all those who were to purchase the 959 Sport (US) models. There were in fact 30, not 29. Mr. Canepa ordered one of the original 30 (#905023). This information is from Porsche AG. I have represented the owner of 905001 which is for sale. There were in fact 284 959s originally built including the Sport models. In the early 1990s eight more were built, the last one being a red car registered to Michael Schumacher, current F1 World Champion, by his manager Willie Weber. Mr. Schumacher changed the color to silver and the car was sold in the late 1990s.

    On page 65 of the Excellence article the author states that "... it (959) needs the catalyst setup Porsche didn't bother to develop for it' 250-ish run of 959s in the late eighties. The problem is that the stock Motronic engine management system is not set up to recognize the oxygen sensors required to make catalysts work." This is not correct. I refer you to sheet five of the electrical diagram of the Porsche 959 Service Manual which clearly shows the wiring for one oxygen sensor. The definitive history on the 959, Jurgen Lewandowski's "Porsche 959", refers to the catalytic converter option (P. 115) and also lists the 959, internally known as F12SP, on page 159 that was used to develop a catalytic converter for the 959. The aforementioned Seattle 959 has Porsche catalyst systems which, at approximately $15,000.00 USD complete and installed, is far less than the amount it appears Mr. Canepa is charging. But don't try calling Porsche to order one.

    As to the stock Motronic engine management system not recognizing the oxygen sensor, it is only a matter of reprogramming the EPROM. The circuitry exists within the Motronic unit and is activated by the reprogramming.

    In addition, I would like to make the following comments. The Bridgestone tires originally fitted to the 959 are readily available to a 959 owner direct and the cost is approximately that of the Michelins which Mr. Canepa is using as replacements. I am at a loss to explain why anyone would want or need to change this well designed system. Modifying the wheels as outlined in the article raises the question of whether such modifications are safe and in compliance with DOT regulations. The cam box seals are mentioned and it should be noted that the cam boxes themselves were prone to leakage and cracking. For a time, the cam boxes were unavailable from the subcontractor to Porsche but the part can now be ordered from Porsche.

    It always amazes me how horsepower figures are given instant acceptance when in fact there is little or no hard data supplied to support hp claims. Many of the 959s were fitted with the "power option" upgrade which includes some plumbing upgrades but essentially involves spooling the twin turbos together rather than sequentially as originally built. The Motronic system is modified as well. True HP as determine under Porsche test environment guidelines is approximately 515.

    From reading the article, one might assume that the cars whose serial numbers are listed on page 68 belong to Mr. Canepa. According to the S&D list, all the cars were imported by individuals who are successful businessmen. Only VIN 900233 is listed as belonging to Mr. Canepa. S&D was designed to severely limit the ability of car brokers to import cars using this regulation. If a car was brought in under S&D, application must be made to DOT before the car is sold. Also, any car coming into the US under the S&D program must have an application made BEFORE the car is entered into the US. Converted race cars such as David Morse's 905023, have been denied because they were originally entered as race vehicles. Mind you, there are at least 10 959s which I opine are illegally in the US. Please note that the car listed in the article bearing VIN WP0ZZZ95ZHS900225 is in fact WP0ZZZ95ZJS900225.

    Credit for legalizing the Porsche 959 for use on US roads should go to those who truly worked to make it happen. To Mr. Gates for creating S&D and Mr. Dixon for trusting me to bring in his car, the first street legal 959.

    Bryan Milazzo

    Permission to publish my email address and phone number is not granted.
    I wish to see this letter printed in its entirety. If you are not willing to do this, I would request that you forward to me the changes you which to make so I may approve them.
    This letter is copyrighted by me, Bryan Milazzo.

    Re: A Porsche 959 sealed away from time.......

    Bruce Canepa had nothing to do with Show and Display.

    Re: A Porsche 959 sealed away from time.......

    This car is #905027 and has been sold.



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