RC said:
nberry said:
He should focus is attention to trying to sell the 997 because it is running into very serious problems in the US. The public is not liking it.

Why should I sell my 997 Carrera S, a 355 HP car which easily outperforms the F360 on any track and which has the same 0-125 mph performance figure for a lot of money less.
And look what my little 3-year old sweetheart has to say about this, this picture is REAL, no special posing for this thread. I swear!!! When we visited the Ferrari Days in Baden Baden, my little girl sat with her b.tt on them.

The public in the US doesn't like the 997? Interesting.
Make this statement in the german press and I bet it will sell like hell over here.
But to be serious: I couldn't care more who likes the 997 or not, I don't build it and I don't earn money with it.
The most important thing for me is driving fun. And the 997 provides a handfull of this for a pretty interesting price tag compared to other sportscars.
The lesser cars on the street, the better for me.

God bless your little girl RC, she is very cute! I think I found my new desktop if you are willing to email me the high res version "Beauty & the Beast"