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    My 2006 997 s Coupe Order--- and Help

    Well , it is done. After three boys done with College, I did it on BD=8/25 ! Car to be built in Nov. , delivered in Dec/Jan in Minnesota... Get the picture...No car ,,get car in Winter, Store Car until March/April. Need Porsche fix ,soon.
    Any thoughts on the order would be helpful:
    2006 997 S Coupe,
    Lapis Blue Metallic,
    Sand Beige Full Leather,
    Power seat pack,
    dimming mirrors,
    Heated seats ,
    19" Carrera Classic wheels,
    Makassar Steering wheel/mult-functional,
    Sport Chrono,
    Nav for PCM,
    Bose 13 speakers,
    Makassar pack,
    sand mats,
    stainless exhaust pipes,
    wheel caps-crest,
    door entry guard illumination,
    what's missing, what could/should be changed? what is the powerpackage??
    Also, advice on need for Porsche fix before the winter arrives (November) ???
    New to board,,, it's great,,,, thanks for thoughts.

    Re: My 2006 997 s Coupe Order--- and Help

    It sounds real nice except for the Makassar. Wood is okay for a boat or a Bently or a Rolls. You can almost get away with it in a Cayenne but not for a 997 imo. Wood and high performance cars just don't go togther. When was the last time you saw wood in a modern racing car ? It would look strange as hell. Just my 2 cents.

    Intsead of the stainless exhaust pipes go for the PSE. You can get the PSE for free if you leave off the wood.

    With full leather you can get a $500 discount off adaptive sport seats. jfyi.

    Check out "XPA" - thicker sports steering wheel in smooth leather. Great option.

    Did I mention - Skip the wood ? I must not be the only one who feels this way. In the 6 months I have been here I've yet to see a 997 with a wood interior.

    Congratulations on the long haul of putting the kids through college. You deserve this car. And welcome to the board.

    Re: My 2006 997 s Coupe Order--- and Help

    I'd have to agree with Stradale - wood is fine for luxo cars, but just doesn't have a fit for me in a performance sports car. I guess it's a matter of opinion though, so if it "floats yer boat" then enjoy!

    Re: My 2006 997 s Coupe Order--- and Help

    I wonder if you will get the car sooner if you delete the wood?? Seems almost like a special order item as I too have not seen anyone on this board post any pics...

    Re: My 2006 997 s Coupe Order--- and Help


    The power package is the X51 powerkit. It is an expensive option $16,900. for which you will be bashed for getting but I have it on my order due to be built in Nov. I heard it may be sold out at the moment and if wanted could delay your order.


    Re: My 2006 997 s Coupe Order--- and Help

    I agree with the others regarding the wood. If they're selling them again, you might want to get the rear console in exterior color or even leather. Thanks for supporting our fine colleges. I'm sure you contributed enough for a Porsche or two.

    Re: My 2006 997 s Coupe Order--- and Help

    For a Porsche fix until your car arrives, how about signing up for the Porsche Driving Experience?

    Re: My 2006 997 s Coupe Order--- and Help

    See the other thread already started by FSU-997S earlier today, it has some good suggestions and criticisms on certain options.

    I'll toss my hat into the no-wood ring as well. Wood in a 911 interior always winds up looking like Billy Graham in a dinner jacket at a punk rock concert. Totally uncomfortable, out of place, and un-hip. Porsche never seems to do it, or design it, in a way that integrates and flows and looks "at home". It always looks like an old guy's afterthought, and with 3 sons graduated, you're ready for a good, hard-core mid-life-crisis car!! Sleep on the wood a few nights. Spending the money instead on extra leather goodies and PSE would be my advice. Beyond that, it's optioned wonderfully.

    Re: My 2006 997 s Coupe Order--- and Help

    "Billy Graham in a dinner jacket at a punk rock concert." That's a hoot! I also thought that the last time I saw wood in a sportscar the driver was wearing a leather helmet and goggles. I guess I could go for the carbon or aluminum packages, but my appetite for go-faster goodies would dictate that I spend the money on more power...

    To borrow an old biker's saying, "chrome won't get ya home"



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