Got my '03 E55 serviced today, so I thought I'd share the results.

Squeak/chirp when accelerating hard from stop or slow speed: tech was aware of problem & said it exists on all new supercharged V8s--Mercedes aware of issue and "working on a repair."

All 4 windows leave half an inch or so exposed when all the way down: all the other W211s they tested are like this as well--no adjustment possible.

Brakes squeaked alot: applied anti-squeak to pads

Keyless go chime and warning message when opening drivers door: factory setting that can't be changed (at least in US ).

Radio presets can't be advanced by steering wheel buttons: feature not available on E class (at least in US , although is on S class).

Rear drivers side wheel replaced: damaged by car wash , and they paid for a new one .

Got the oil/filter changed & lube: only 4,000 miles, but I always get the first change alot earlier than recommended (to get all the break-in gunk out). $97 with tax--a pleasant surprise after paying $250 for my Carrera 6 months ago.

Free Mercedes loaner (even though I bought the car at another dealer).

Passed on complementary car wash--my experience is this is a great way to get your paint scratched...