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    Anniversary edition ...why it's so cool

    I have read lot's of negative views about the limited edition carrera 2. I think it's the real deal , cos.......

    A very very high bhp/weight ratio
    A more powerful tweaked engine - 345 bhp
    Better traction
    better suspension
    A superb colour
    a unique front end
    Special interior spec I like the cool seats
    wheels which match the ext paint job
    exterior and interior identification

    This is a special edition and remember the new 997 and be even heavier and will have alot of rounded curves like the audi tt ....the c4s and turbo have already started the process....this will be the last pre bulbous limited edition porsche and I think the spec and the low number of units 1,963 in both europe and the states make it a pretty cool buy and a good after sale proposition.


    Re: Anniversary edition ...why it's so cool

    I agree it is special but as far as resale I doubt it. Look at the mellinuim edition that came out for year 2000. It was limited too but pricewise for resale no difference.

    The 40th anniv. car would be a good buy if you are a collector and want to bubble the car for many years to come. For a daily drive a normally aspired Carrera will do.

    Re: Anniversary edition ...why it's so cool

    "Look at the mellinuim edition that came out for year 2000. It was limited too"

    yep, they made less than 1/2 the millineums vs. 40th anniv and they tanked hard just like regular 996s.

    Re: Anniversary edition ...why it's so cool

    Let me put it this way: the Anniv. special edition is a very nice piece of car and it is worth buying it. But on the other hand, it is nothing really special worth collecting (I'd say the GT3 RS is something worth collecting or even a GT2).
    If you like it, buy it because I'm positive you're doing the right thing, buying yourself a great 911. But if you're thinking about resale value, coolness or even collecting it for selling it later at a premium, forget about it.

    Re: Anniversary edition ...why it's so cool

    Agreed. I think this car amounts to a regular 996 with sport suspension and X51 package. Isn't it retailing for $90,000? I'd say ripoff. Spend $9k more and get a GT3!!

    Re: Anniversary edition ...why it's so cool

    The price of the new spec of the anniversary car brings the normal c2 price up to Pounds71,500 that's not including the updated throttle ...the limited diff or the turbo style front the cost price is Pounds68,000 I think it's something of a bargain


    Re: Anniversary edition ...why it's so cool

    Well it's the C2 S that's missing as of yet.
    And considering the options (25 horses more, turbo-front, 18", bi-xenon, moon-roof, x51, 22/27%-differtential, PSM, GT-silver) a standard C2 (w/ all those options) is more expensive (the 25 horses more are "worth" 10k Euro alone afaik)...
    Bargain is probably the wrong word in connection w/ Porsche, but won't call it expensive...
    And not everybody wants the pure sports-thing (what a GT3 definitely is)




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