Today I had the chance to take a close look at a SL 65 AMG with that famous "stone" interior and a Maybach. I wasn't allowed to take pictures because of the owner of these cars but all I can say is that the SL 65 AMG looks very nice, very sporty, very classy, very expensive and quality look and feel is incredible, honestly. I'm impressed. I just wish I was allowed to take pictures, this car was so special. It had so many special options, something really worth seeing. Can't say much about driving though but I have to admit that this car looked very very attractive.

The Maybach was a different story, this is one of the ugliest cars I ever saw. No matter how much money I'd have, the Maybach would be an attack on my taste, lifestyle and life philosophy. Absolutely horrible.
I saw the Maybach in many car magazines and I can't say I really loved it but I also didn't hate it. Now, I put it in the same personal "hate" category together with the Ford Ka and Smart.
Maybe some industry moguls or CEOs need the Maybach to show off but I'd definetely prefer a Bentley or even Rolls Royce over the Maybach. And I never was a real admirer of those luxury limousines for people who need a chauffeur and don't want to enjoy the fun of driving.

If somebody didn't decide yet whether to get a SLR or the SL65 AMG, the answer is now clear: get the SL 65 AMG, save a lot of money and buy a Porsche 997 Carrera S for some fun on the track. Two great cars for the price of one, the perfect combo.