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    GT3 clearance and tyres

    Can any one help me on the following in connection with the GT3 997?

    1. What is the ground clearance is pretty low at about 93 mm which is lest than the C2S, C4S and Turbo.I am little worried about the "sleeping policeman" in London and also driving up a small ramp before getting to my drive. Do you GT3 owners/drivers exprience problems of hitting the deck and damaging the front spoiler lip or indeed the back lip??

    2. Can anyone help describe the difference between the GT3 suspension with that of the the normal 997. Unfortunately I have not driven a GT3.

    3. Is the Michelin pilot sport cup tyre the standard tyre. I understand that two tyres are available. What is the other tyre and how do they differ? How much milage does one get on non track use with the Michellen's. They cost about Pounds1,400 to replace.


    Re: GT3 clearance and tyres

    Lou, I have not taken delivery of my 997 GT3 but I have had a 997S and a 996 GT3.

    1. Ground clearance is indeed terrible. My 996 GT3 was 5.5" and was a serious pain around town. Unfortunately, the 997 GT3 is worse, at 4.5". This means that even moderate driveways and speedbumps must be taken at an angle. Some garage entries will prove to be entirely unmanageable. While scraping will be a common event, the front spoiler is cheap and is replaceable. Think of it as a consumable.

    2. Quite a few hardware changes, stiffer springs and tighter damping as well. Completely different PASM programming. Use of solid monoballs in place of rubber bushings. Was there something specific that you are interested in?

    3. The other is a Pirelli Corsa. The MPSC tire is prefered. Not sure on street mileage, but to be frank a high perf street tire like a PS2 is a better tire on street. Better wet weather traction, better wear, less noise, etc etc.

    Re: GT3 clearance and tyres

    Coupla follow ups. One person reported 4.25", and here's a thread showing 4":

    Here's a video of what is apt to happen:

    Re: GT3 clearance and tyres

    Frayed, Thank you. The low spoiler is somewhat discouraging and, of course, will be embrassing in certain situations. What you say treat it as a consuamable, do you mean the whole spoiler or just the plastic bit? What sort of price is it to replace, parts & labour, do you know?
    On the suspension issue I am trying to get a feel of how much harder it will be and also whether it will be easy to lose the back into a slide?
    Thank for your help.

    Re: GT3 clearance and tyres

    Thanks for the X-rated video....its a horror movie!

    Re: GT3 clearance and tyres

    Lu said:
    Frayed, Thank you. The low spoiler is somewhat discouraging and, of course, will be embrassing in certain situations. What you say treat it as a consuamable, do you mean the whole spoiler or just the plastic bit? What sort of price is it to replace, parts & labour, do you know?
    On the suspension issue I am trying to get a feel of how much harder it will be and also whether it will be easy to lose the back into a slide?
    Thank for your help.

    Not sure in the UK, but in the US around $100-150 for the part. Surely, it will scrape everywhere, requiring quarterly replacement depending on mileage and local street conditions. Labor? You are best off learning the procedure yourself. Ten minutes, no big deal.

    As far as the rear end, these cars have TC. Very safe. Just drive w/i your means and respect the car. The new gt3s are far more stable than their predecessors.

    Re: GT3 clearance and tyres

    Lu, here are the exact 997 dimmensions.

    Re: GT3 clearance and tyres

    Lu, have GT3 RS and am in essex and its a nightmare, when i got it home i couldn't get it up my drive because of the angle between the road and drive , but have learnt that if you go sideways into a ramp because the suspension is so stiff it lifts the wheel up and over , but be carefull of those metal flap car park thingies they scrap the whole underside

    Re: GT3 clearance and tyres

    Thanks Stewart. I think I go moneuvre side ways on my drive but it has put me off. Having said that I borrowed a 997s Cab wich I have just learnt has a clrearance of 96mm and I had no problem with that. Thanks again. Lu

    Re: GT3 clearance and tyres

    Dear Pentium,
    Thak you very much. This is very helpful.

    Best Regards


    Re: GT3 clearance and tyres

    have a 996 gt3 mk1 at the moment which i love, but wont replace it with 997 unless i can get the ruf height adjustable system fitted. otherwise the car is not practical for everyday use...

    Re: GT3 clearance and tyres

    Pentium and Frayed, thank you both for the excellent information. I had my heart set on a 997 gt3 but after seeing that horror video posted by frayed (and the terrifying approach angle documented by pentium) I am deeply concerned about the viability of the gt3 for street use, particularly in the NE USA where the roads are choked with big potholes. Can someone with a 997 gt3 tell us how much of a hassle it is to drive their car in the NE USA? Thank you.

    Re: GT3 clearance and tyres

    Glad I could help you man.

    I had the same issue. I could buy tomorrow any car up to 500K but I don't like having two cars and the roads were I live are terrible.

    Owning two cars it's just something I completely hate. My brain is unable to understand why I should get a car and use it only from time to time and not everyday (with the obvious exception of true track cars like the 911 Cup car for instance).

    But back to the main issue: because of the bad roads around here I had to chose back in 2004 between a C2 and a C2S. The C2S had the sport susp. option (lowered 20 mm from the PASM standard S) and the carbon brakes. It was so hard for me but I took the 997C2 instead (August 5, 2004 I took delivery; the car was introduced on September 22 in Paris).

    Also be careful about something else: potholes are causing vibrations. The PASM suspension in time is more expensive to fix and replace than a standard susp. And the trips to the service are never nice to have. Also PASM and the S has 19" wheels as standard. That's even a stiffer ride.

    My conclusion is: I rather use the car everyday, and drive it anywhere I want, thus enjoying the car's handling for longer periods of time than drive a GT3 only on some well known roads.

    Even the standard 997 has enough power to easily overtake 99% of the cars on the road. And you are still driving a sport car not a sport sedan. The GT3 it's one step further, a half breed between a track car and a road sport car.
    Think about it.

    Re: GT3 clearance and tyres

    Sorry don't agree , the GT3 whether 996 or especially 997 guise are fantastic road cars .Have driven a 996 GT3 RS around most of Europe , London , Budapest, Prague, Vienna, Paris , motorways, cobbled streets , etc, no problems and absolutely amazing , if your worried about roads get a 4X4 otherwise have glorious fun in a very special road car that is the GT3

    Re: GT3 clearance and tyres

    Try driving one in Romania and call me back to tell me how it was.

    Driving my 997C2 everyday around here, with it's standard susp. and standard 18" wheels means basically that I am driving a 911 4x4 I am off-roading it each day.

    Re: GT3 clearance and tyres

    sorry Pentium it wasn't supposed to be a dig or anything personal !

    Re: GT3 clearance and tyres

    I didn't took it personal man.
    I apologize if is sounding that way.
    I just trying to tell you that I am talking about really-really bad roads.

    I guess I am a little frustrated about being able to buy a better car but not being able to drive it around here.

    Re: GT3 clearance and tyres

    Look up RMA trackdays , mostly in france etc, we do most of these so come and join us on some superb circuits, it will make you smile and hopefully relieve your frustration . ps Bruno circuit in czech rep and hugaroring are worth a trip and much nearer you than me.

    Re: GT3 clearance and tyres

    Thank you man.
    If only I would have the time ...

    Re: GT3 clearance and tyres

    Bringing this up : since I'm considering a GT3(RS) I would off course want to park it in my garage.

    There's a slight angle going in.

    With my current 996 4S, the front lips of the bumper come as close to the ground as 7cm = 2"75.

    This means I will be able to get in with a GT3 if it's no more than 7cm/2"75 lower at the front than the 996 4S.

    Unfortunately my math isn't that good to be able to deduct this form the approach angle...

    Anybody ?



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