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    Re: Code and Cost for Yellow Deviated Stitching

    There seems to be "new" cosolidated codes for the deviated stiching, i.e. you don't need to order the 24XXX options one-by-one. I ordered deviated stiching in Guards Red for all parts and in my specification it says:

    SZ - All stiching Guards Red, incl. steering wheel

    I guess there is a similar code for Speed Yellow, etc.

    Re: Code and Cost for Yellow Deviated Stitching

    That's great news. The original process was way too cumbersome. Maybe they got too many customers p*ssed that they missed a few stitches...

    Re: Code and Cost for Yellow Deviated Stitching

    $4,500 is outrageous for a different colour of thread. Even Ferrari (who aren't renowned for being shy about option pricing) only charge $321 for coloured stitching using standard thread to the whole interior of an F430 and $405 for the heavier coloured thread option .

    Re: Code and Cost for Yellow Deviated Stitching

    100% agreed ISUK! It is simply outrageous IMO to charge US$4500 for deviated stitching. I thought about getting it in silver grey but I just baulked at the absolutely ludicrous price.

    But if you have got the dough and you don't mind paying, then more power to you...

    Re: Code and Cost for Yellow Deviated Stitching

    Be very careful with deviated stitching and ordering tons of options, you need someone at the dealer/or a reliable contact at Werk1 (exclusive department) that KNOWS how the order guide works.

    There have been tons of people (usually due to incompetant sales staff) that have ordered cars with deviated stitching only to have it missing on key parts of the car, myself included.

    Some take it, some reject the special ordered car - which results in a huge fiasco.

    Re: Code and Cost for Yellow Deviated Stitching

    sorry...i dont understand what this means:
    "If ordering a manual car:
    DAD Gear Lever & Handbrake Aluminum & Leather (only way to get deviated stitching on those) - $1,680

    CDZ Gear Lever Trim Leather (with deviated stitching) - $ 250"

    i have ordered every single carbon fiber option and all available stiching in red. but the gearbox didnt come with red stitching and my dealer is trying to find out why.

    Does it mean that only with aluminium options we can get the gearbox leather with deviated stiching?

    Pls advice

    Re: Code and Cost for Yellow Deviated Stitching

    Basically if there is an exclusive option (carbon, leather, wood) for a certain part, you MUST order the exclusive option AND specify

    "deviated stitching on all exclusive options" in order to get stitching on that part.

    otherwise, if the part has stitching because of FULL LEATHER, it will simply be white thread no matter what colour thread you ordered for the rest of the car.

    quite confusing.



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