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    GT3 RS with 1086HP!

    I got the latest issue of Excellence in the mail yesterday....there is an article in it about a twin-turbo GT3 RS modified by 9ff that produces 1086HP. It beats a Veyron from 200-300kph by 1.7 secs.


    Re: GT3 RS with 1086HP!

    Here are some more cars from 9ff.

    Re: GT3 RS with 1086HP!

    9ff is an amazing company but I wonder how "drivable" their cars are in real life.

    I once drove a tuned 750 hp GT2 and I was barely able to keep this car under control in certain driving situations, I can't say it was much fun to drive.


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    Re: GT3 RS with 1086HP!

    9ff seems to have a very "variable" reputation but I have sympathy since building engines with this much power is a recipe for unhappy customers whose expectations may be unreasonable and unachievable in terms of how the cars will drive and the longevity of the engines....

    I don't think he does everything he advertises on his site eg VTG engines, he doesn't like VTGs and for good reason as the size of the VTG mechanism limits power output to about 740hp dues to back pressure and heat generated, for the higher power ie 750+hp he uses normal turbos and to make th epower they have to be big and that means lag, no way round it despite what certain dyno sheets may tell you, a conventional blower has to be big to flow the amount of air needed for over 750hp......

    I was quite shocked when I experienced his cars in the flesh, the engines were very noisy and the idle was uneven and sounded over 1000rpm, the lag was silly and to me renders the cars useless for anything but mega high speed drag racing......

    Checkout the vid below with my 660hp GT2 with VTGs the 9ff was supposed to have 850 or 1000hp or something stupid..... below 260kph it didn't have very much but then look how it screams past me at 260kph and went on to clock about 350kph in certainly has a lot of power but that delivery is pretty old skool Porsche Turbo




    2009 997 GT2

    Re: GT3 RS with 1086HP!

    The article states the car has 3 ECU/boost settings: 600hp, 800hp and 1000h+hp. Fatthauer of 9ff recommends only starting off on the 600hp setting and then switching sequentially to 800hp and then 1000hp in third and fourth gear....a way to tame the "beast".

    Re: GT3 RS with 1086HP!

    That's quite a concept.  Is that functionality really legitimate and usable??



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