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    Driven: MB E63 AMG Wagon

    A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of driving the new E63 AMG for a couple of days. I won't give you an extensive review, just a few impressions.

    I like the E-class wagon very much and always have, but I won't go into that. It's the new engine that's interesting - and it's very impressive...
    As I'm sure most of you know they've thrown out the supercharger and upped the volume from 5,5 liters to 6,3. The old engine was a real gem but I much prefer this new one. Why? Well, for a number of reasons.
    First of all, the new 6,3 delivers the power much smoother and more harmoniously. The old supercharged 5,5 was much more dramatic, and I'm sure some will find it more fun because of that, but I think it lacks calm for when you just want to doodle around town; it takes very little to get it into hyper mode.
    Secondly, the 6,3 has a character very much like that of a typical sports car engine, which isn't exactly true of the 5,5. The 6,3 is high revving (7,000 rpm), and although it does have a lot of low end grunt the real action starts at about 5,000 rpm. Plus, the sound of a high revving big V8 is magic.

    Apart from the fact that the E Wagon is far from a sports car, with the 6,3 liter AMG engine it is a very complete car. Straight line performance is awesome, high speed stability too. I had an E55 AMG Wagon a couple of years ago, and this new one is much more involving and entertaining to drive. Steering respone is better and the whole car feels much more on its toes. Taking it for a spin on twisty back roads now is actually fun! And all of this in a car that can haul a small scoccer team and all their kit.

    Questions or comments - feel free!

    I'll include a pic of the car.

    Re: Driven: MB E63 AMG Wagon

    JohnJohn, thanks. Please comment on brake pedal feel, steering weight, and does the transmission rev-match the engine when downshifting in manual mode?

    Also, is the ride harsh or firm and how much body roll is present in corners?

    Re: Driven: MB E63 AMG Wagon

    Brake pedal feel is better than pre facelift generation, not substatially but better. No problems with getting the modulation right, which sometimes seemed to be the problem earlier.

    Steering weight is just right in my opinion. E55 was a bit too light, this one is heavier. Steering is speed sensitive, so when you want it to have weight it's got it. But what's more important - feel is imporved. This makes all the difference. One must keep in mind that this is not a sports car. With that said I think Mercedes have achieved the perfect compromise.

    No, it does not rev-match the engine when downshifting, like say a Ferrari with F1-box or a BMW SMG. But tell you the truth, I tried manual mode but found that I might just as well leave it in auto mode, even when thrashing down some back road.

    I'd say the ride is comfortably firm, not sports car firm. But you can decide how firm you want it. The suspension is the Airmatic DC that allows for three different settings. Body roll is present, but I didn't think it was an issue. As I mentioned, it's got the airsuspension and not the Active Body Control, which eliminates body roll more or less.

    Re: Driven: MB E63 AMG Wagon

    Excellent answers. Many thanks, sir!

    Re: Driven: MB E63 AMG Wagon

    Glad I could be of service.



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