From Auto Express:

"All-new 911's Top Of The Pops

Better aerodynamics, extra insulation against the wind and there are even new drainage channels to help get rid of the rain - does this car have the most advanced folding canvas roof in the world?

Porsche certainly thinks so, as it's lifted the lid this week on the new 911 Cabriolet. The model also promises to be as fast and fun as the Coupé when it arrives in April. The maker has modified the shape of the hood to keep the maximum speed the same as the tin-top's.

For extra insulation, the roof is now made from fabric that's thicker than ever. It lowers at the touch of a button in 20 seconds, and can operate while the car moves at speeds of up to 30mph. Two models will be available - the 325bhp 3.6-litre Carrera and the top-of-the-range 355bhp 3.8-litre S. They cost Pounds65,260 and Pounds72,230 respectively.

The Stuttgart manufacturer has worked hard to ensure that both offer impressive handling. To increase downforce and improve high-speed stability, the rear spoiler has been lengthened. Meanwhile, extra bracing has been added to make up for the loss of rigidity caused by chopping off the roof.

This adds 85kg to the car's weight, so the cabrios' 0-60mph times are a little slower than those of the Coupé, at 5.2 seconds for the Carrera and 4.9 seconds for the S. However, there's been no effect on top speeds, with the cars hitting 177mph and 182mph respectively.

To ensure occupants are kept safe, Porsche Side Impact Protection is standard. This includes two door airbags that inflate upwards to protect the head in a smash. Also fitted is sat-nav, a full leather interior and 18-inch alloy wheels."