I havnt made a decent car vid in over a year. I hope this qualifies as a good vid, I need your input.

The first clip is recorded on alower setting. This was comprised of clips from 3 different cameras. Spencer and Bronto did a fantastic job of keeping the camera still with the incar shots. Bronto somehow kept the camera still while fighting g-forces and wind resistance. most of the footage was limited to 30sec clips due to it being a canon powershot digicam (not a dedicated video camera). Bear with me for some of the movie feels chopy because of the lack of duration the cameras were able to record. A lot of adrenaline stuff wasnt caught on film but theres still good footage here.

Thanks to Cal, Bronto, and Spencer for the camera work. I shot the last part with the parking lot mojo. Bronto took the still pics. Good job guys

Hope you ENJOY

Hi quality streaming version (DIVX):

Lower quality (youtube)

Please let me know what you think, I'd love to get some productive criticism other than the usuall "that song sucks wha wha wha" or "shakey camera you suckxors Blargg!"