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    4Car and Autocar: Jaguar XKR

    Tough words from 4Car:

    Result? A firmer, more planted Jaguar but one which still glides over sharp edges and is never, ever harsh or agitated. There are shades of Ferrari 599 here; it's that good. And it makes a mockery of the Aston Martin DB9, all Pounds106,850 of it, with its fidgety ride and dreadful road noise.

    There remains one question: XKR or similar-price but less powerful Porsche 911 S? It has never been a tougher call.

    Re: 4Car: Driven: Jaguar XKR

    And even stronger words from Autocar:

    The new XKR is such a stonking good car, a machine so massively improved over its predecessor, previous owners are going to need to take a long lie down before ordering their new car.

    Compared with the previous XKR, forget it; throw everything you know and start again. Even compared with the new XK it is, in Jaguar's own words, 'just like the standard car but with the volume turned up by a third.'

    The fact that it undercuts most of its rivals by tens of thousands of pounds makes the case for it that much harder to deny. Just when it was needed, Jaguar has produced its best car for decades, possibly ever.

    Re: 4Car: Driven: Jaguar XKR

    a tough call between a jag and a, whats next?

    Re: 4Car: Driven: Jaguar XKR

    dhayek said:
    a tough call between a jag and a, whats next?

    You can't blame the Brits for a bit of patrism, but indeed, comparing a Jag XKR to a 911!
    Why not compare your Gallardo to Bently while we're at it!

    Re: 4Car: Driven: Jaguar XKR

    I think it's a fair comparison. The two cars are very different from each other but for the price. Many people wanting a car in that price range will compare those two along with the Mercedes SL and the BMW 650. Maybe they'll throw in the Aston Martin Vantage but that price starts to get away from you.

    Re: 4Car: Driven: Jaguar XKR

    Road and Track likes it as well:

    After spending three days driving and living with the Jaguar XKR, I found the car's true strength lies in grand touring, and it performs that role perfectly. The XKR offers the ideal balance between sporting and touring. The quandary now is not whether there is track time to test the car's performance, it is deciding whether to take the coupe or the convertible on the next road trip.



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