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    Re: Carrera GT Supertest

    People like you give rich gits a bad name.

    You should be ashamed of yourself. And if this post is uncalled for, then so is that guys unbelievably arrogant statement.

    Grow up.

    Re: Carrera GT Supertest

    This is getting out of hand....

    So why would anyone buy the car other than for it to be a trophy and SHOW-OFF.!!

    Hey Nick,

    I tried to be polite before.

    Sorry, now it's getting tiresome.

    Re: Carrera GT Supertest

    Mike, some people will never be able to be glad for you (or other fortunate CGT, Enzo, etc owners), its not you who has the chip on their shoulder and trying to reason politely won't help.

    Re: Carrera GT Supertest

    Round 2...

    Look dude, I don't wanna fight over the internet with ya, I was just expressing my opinion. Even if I do win the argument, I'll still feel retarded. And as for the CGT, awesome car, you enjoy it when you get it. All I said was if I bought an expensive sports car then I would never track it, since I don't wanna ruin it. You wanna get personal thats your choice, as far as I'm concerned, a forum is a place to discuss and give opinions on its not like Iraq. If you can't accept this concept and have to resort to petty personal insults, thats immature, i'm 19, and you're like 30, so I feel pretty stupid arguing with someone older, and over the internet.

    Are we cool>?

    Re: Carrera GT Supertest

    Yet they want one because it represents the pinnacle of sport car performance which will never be fully enjoy other than owning it. You are what you love. Hey there is nothing wrong with that.

    I have to jump in now. I DO NOT fully agree, especially regarding Mike. Mike wouldn't be here if he wasn't truely interested in the CGT. A "poser" would never join internet forums to talk about their (future) car, for "posers" it is enough to know that the car is expensive, "wanted" and exclusive.
    Let me put it this way: if I had the money to be able to buy ANY car I want out there, my garage would probably have several dozens of different cars, including the CGT, McLaren F1, Enzo and others. And yes, I would drive them on the street because this is what cars are meant for. I suffered like an animal in a cage watching my former 996 Turbo staying in the garage and not finding the time to drive it. I'm sure there are enough people out there who feel the same and who would never keep a car, even a supersportscar, in the garage.
    I even know of a guy in Germany who uses his Porsche 959 as a daily driver, unbelievable.
    That said, I think the whole discussion goes the "envy" path now and if true, this would be very sad. Most of us here in the forum are pretty wealthy people and even if some of us can't afford to buy a CGT, we can afford buying a 996 or maybe a Boxster. Most people in the world aren't even half as fortunate as we are. So why starting to argue about "rich and arrogant" people or about showing-off something. Of course I also want to show-off a little bit of what I have when I buy a Porsche. But so do most of BMW, Audi, etc. owners too. On a different (money) level but they do. This whole discussion got out of control and we should stop it before somebody says something he might regret later on.
    We're adult and mature people, christmas and the holiday season aren't far away, PEACE TO THE WORLD now guys.

    Re: Carrera GT Supertest

    Bilal, You said:
    Which IDIOT in their right mind would buy a CGT or a 360M, or a Zonda or a GT2 to track it?

    That's not expressing your opinion, that's calling W8MM and others idiots. Learn to express your opinion in a less inflammatory manner and you'll get less people annoyed at you. The simple fact is that some people buy a car, even if they may not be capable of wringing 100% of its potential out of it, and plan to enjoy driving it on both the track and the road. You may not understand their desire to do so but they probably don't understand your desire to buy a car and not explore its potential because you "don't wanna ruin it".

    Re: Carrera GT Supertest

    jeeeze, what is it with ya guys. You aplogize and yet they'll do the same. So I said what I said, thats again MY OPINION



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