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    Keep 986S SE vs trading up to '07-08 987S or 997S?

    Question- with the arrival of our daughter 6 months ago, my wife laid down the gauntlet, and i was forced to sell my beloved M5 for an slushbox LS430 which now occupies the garage with her RX330. Our 3rd car is a 2004 986S SE with 7K miles; from her standpoint though, she doesn't really care what that 3rd car is, and is open to a new 997 C2S.

    Now my question is: is it worth spending $25-30K more for a '07 987S or $55K more for a '07-08 997C2S (coupe), or should I just keep the '04 986S SE? The other part of the question is- does the 997S drive that much better/faster than the 987S/986S in real world conditions? (I'm not going to track any of them, and each will only be driven 3-4K miles a year). I'm not as big of a fan of the 997S Cab looks, and it's another $10K too, so that's out of the running.

    To me, the 997 C2 does not feel much faster or more "visceral" than the 986S SE after a 20 minute test drive last fall. I owned a 987S for all of 2005, and although it's a great car, it is probably not significantly better (enough) than the 986S to justify the extra $25-30K. However, the 997C2S is a beautiful, iconic car that may we worth that extra $55K (even though it's not a convertible)- i've just never had the opportunity to drive it. For those of you who have, do you think it's worth the extra dough? Thanks for the help!

    Re: Keep 986S SE vs trading up to '07-08 987S or 997S?

    I'll have to say that the rear seats will fit perfectly for your daughter in the 997C2/C2S. If I were you, I'll definitely go for the 911. It's basically a better option in everyway compared to the boxster. However, if you want a convertible, I'll suggest you either keep the 986S and stick with the LS430 or may even consider the hard top convertible 328i for the BMW.

    As for me, I had just test drived my friend's 997 and it was astonishing! I'll definitely pick one up myself. Most likely be the C2 since this will be my first Porsche. I don't really need the extra power in the "S" and that could save me at least 15K CAD on other options for my C2. I will, however, definitely get the Sport Exhaust system. Those exhausts are just too pretty! ^^

    Re: Keep 986S SE vs trading up to '07-08 987S or 997S?

    I had a 986S and now own a 997C2S.
    It is in a totally different league performance wise...and even fun-wise (just me, I like the rear engine setup better). On top of that, you can put a baby seat, that should be a selling argument at home :-)

    Re: Keep 986S SE vs trading up to '07-08 987S or 997S?

    The baby seat accommodation of the 997 would sell me vice the Boxster.

    Re: Keep 986S SE vs trading up to '07-08 987S or 997S?

    I had 986, then traded up for 997S, baby seat just got fitted for my 1 year old... it's a tight squeeze for the front passenger, but it's all worth it. Accelaration miles apart ( I had Boxster tip vs 997S manual)..Go for S... you'll not regret it.

    Re: Keep 986S SE vs trading up to '07-08 987S or 997S?

    I went from a 99 986 (200hp) to an 07 997 Cab ... different cars. In addition to the obvious differences, like 78% more horsepower and the back seat, the 997 feels much more GT without giving up anything I can notice on handling and control.

    Though I do miss the rear oven I mean trunk.

    Only one way to find out

    Get yourself to the dealer, preferrably driving your 986 there, and try both the 987 and 997 and see which you prefer.



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