Gt Purely Porsche magazine tested 997s v c4s around oulton park track in uk.These are some of the main findings.
996 c4s - "it became our benchmark 911 ,the car we all said we would buy if we had the means,the do anything 911,practical,useable,brimming with talent.Parked up in the pit lane it still looks the nuts,with those classic turbo wheels,wide stance and gaping air intakes.However it feels shockingly different to the 997s ive just stepped out of .Slower for starters,the new car might only have an extra 35bhp compared to the c4s but such is the brawny,deep chested delivery of the new car that you really notice when its lacking.Admittedly being four wheel drive and wide bodied the c4s always felt slightly different to the two wheeled drive carrera,but here it feels a little numb,a little soft at the front and prone to understeer.After a couple of laps i wish i was back in the new 911"
One thing they did prefer in the c4s was the gear knob"elegantly sculptured gear knob of the996 is still my favourite 911 shifter and imparts such a delicious precision to every cog swap"
On the interior they say"from an everyday ownership point of view the big step has come in terms of cabin ambience.The 997 is a much nicer place in which to spend time than the 996.The cockpit oozes quality,the control surfaces are superbly executed,tactile,well-sited."