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    Aston DB9 Spypics

    Here are a few of the photos Fanch was referencing in one of his posts. Does anyone have interior shots?

    Re: Aston DB9 Spypics

    The pics in today's Autocar are the official ones!

    These are spy pics but they still look great. Thanks Justin.
    I fell in love.
    The cab doesn't look bad either although it loses the fluidity of the coupe.
    Interior pics available in Autocar too, same instrument cluster as the V8 Vantage. And the rest is somptuous, makes the Vanquish's interior look like a Fiesta.
    If the future V8 Vantage is as beautiful as the DB9, I reckon Aston is on for a blast!!! The 997 better be good!

    Re: Aston DB9 Spypics

    Thanks nice pictures.

    I'm falling inlove again.

    Aston DB9 pic

    Copyright (C) 2003 by the Car Connection

    It has been common knowledge for some time now that Aston Martin is getting ready to replace the DB7, the car that turned around the fortunes of the British company that is Ford's technology flagship. We knew the car would be called the DB9, and we expected it would break cover next January in Detroit. But the boys from Newport Pagnell have pulled a surprise - the DB9 will be the star of the Aston stand at Frankfurt.

    The car will use a radical new aluminum bonded frame, and Aston claim it is one of the most sophisticated and technically advanced sports cars in the world, balancing sports car attributes with features normally found on luxury cars. It is the first production model to use VH Platform strategy (Vertical/Horizontal), which is unique to Aston Martin and will form the basis for all future Aston Martin models. Its advantages are that it is very light, provides better performance, handling and durability and yet it is extremely rigid. "The DB9 will without doubt be the most important Aston Martin model ever," says Dr Ulrich Bez, the company's CEO.

    The DB9 will be built at Aston's new Gaydon facility, one of the most advanced of its kind in the world. The very latest in automotive technology and materials will be used to create the DB9, but Aston Martin will still spend more than 200 hours hand-building each car.

    Power comes from a 450-bhp V-12 engine that has been developed specifically for the car with input from racing specialists Cosworth. Drive is to the rear wheels, with six-speed automatic or manual transaxles. Suspension is by aluminum wishbones front and rear and 19-inch alloy wheels are standard.

    The DB9 will be introduced into markets around the world in the spring of 2004. Final pricing and specification will be announced then.

    Re: DB9 gallery with interior shots

    check this out:

    i love this car!!

    Re: DB9 gallery with interior shots

    Amazing car!
    A lot of effort in the interior also, good job!

    I have to admit that I've always had a soft spot for Aston Martin...

    Aston DB9 pics and article

    Another DB9 Article

    Re: Aston DB9 pics and article

    Thanks Ron.

    Some great interior photos are available directly from Aston Martin's webiste. Can't wait until Frankfurt.

    Re: Aston DB9 pics and article

    I love the way the doors open with an upward angle.
    Very stylish!
    I hope this car will have some sports car pretention and not just a GT.
    I've not driven a Vanquish but apparently it's no way near a 575 when it comes to sportivity. Too heavy.
    But at 1700 kgs, the DB9 is no light weight but that's still 200 kgs off the SL55.

    Re: Aston DB9 pics and article

    Thanks. They must have updated their site today 'cause it didn't have any info on DB9 yesterday.

    Re: Aston DB9 pics and article

    dunno front view thumbs up , side view

    Another beautiful DB9 Pic

    Re: Another beautiful DB9 Pic

    Ok, looks like my opinion has changed



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