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    GT3 as Daily Driver?

    I've been planning to buy a 911 Carrera S (997 Model) early next year but recently I saw a GT3 for the first time and I thought it looked really cool. I'm now thinking about getting the GT3 (997 Model) solely for the looks while keeping in mind that it costs only marginally more than the 911 Carrera S.

    I'm an amateur driver. The Porsche that I'm planning to buy will be my first sports car ever. Up till now I've been driving "sports sedans" with an automatic transmissions.

    Is it possible for someone like me to use a GT3 as a daily driver?

    Kindest Regards,


    Re: GT3 as Daily Driver?

    ZI would recommend you 997S. Also I suggest to try choose real sport cars not based on how they look (cool or not), but how you feel they drive...

    Re: GT3 as Daily Driver?

    You shouldn't be choosing based on looks for a GT3. If you already know how to drive a manual quite well and everytime you jumped in your sports sedan you pretended it's a race car and found the best braking points and apexes for every turn on your daily commute, then maybe the GT3 is for you. If you just want something more sporty than your current car, the 997 S is an incredibly capable machine, but it will be more comfortable and safer than a GT3 since it has traction control. However, I think that the GT3 is very capable as a daily driver. But really that sort of question depends on the driver. If it was street legal I'd drive a cup car as a daily driver.

    Re: GT3 as Daily Driver?

    i personally think that the gt3 is too much for your first porsche ,like yargk said ,there is no traction control ,and you will enjoy a 997s much more as an everyday car ,from all points of view

    Re: GT3 as Daily Driver?

    I fully agree with dhayek, a 997 GT3 would be too much of a sportscar for a Porsche "beginner". No safety net...

    I don't know if you can get the 20 mm chassis option in Australia but this would be a good alternative to the GT3 because it provides a similar drive and handling feel and of course you always have the PSM (ESP) in the background "protecting" you. Don't forget about the chrono sport package because of the switchable different PSM (ESP) software mapping. As soon as you get used to the Carrera S, you might want to drive it a little bit more on the "wild side".
    Don't worry, the Porsche PSM (ESP) is MUCH LESS intrusive than the Mercedes ESP system.

    Never buy a GT3 or GT2 based on sporty looks. A lot of people did that and they sold their cars within the first 6 months of ownership.

    Cost of the 997 GT3 only marginally more than 997 Carrera S cost? Are you sure you're talking about the 997 GT3 and not the "old" 996 GT3 which is actually the model you find at dealers? There is no 997 GT3 yet and I expect a price tag slightly over the 996 GT3 price tag but of course "naked"!
    If you want extra options like PCCB, etc., you surely get a much higher price tag compared to the 997 Carrera S.

    Good luck for your decision.

    Re: GT3 as Daily Driver?

    I appreciate the replies.

    RC, I noticed in one of your earlier posts you mentioned regarding the Carerra: "For people who want a more sporty and lower look, the GT3 will be available."* I suppose I'm one of those people who thinks the regular Carrera is not sporty enough (I really like the spoiler on the Turbo/GT2/GT3 models. )

    And yes, I was comparing the base prices of the 997 Carrera S, $221k Aussie Dollars as opposed to $241k for the 996 GT3. I assumed that the price wouldn't change too much for the 997 GT3.


    Re: GT3 as Daily Driver?

    Paul ,i'm in brisvegas and i bought a gt3 for my daily car 6 months ago and left my 360 spider in the garage for weekend use.The gt3 puts smile on my face every time I drive it as does the ferrari. Go for the gt3 my friend because you will soon want to take it to the track for club sprints.Iam happy i bought the 3 as it out handles , brakes normal carreras and turbos which makes me quicker on the track.If you go easy at first you won't have an issue.the ride is much harder than the carrera but you soonlearnto live with it.I'm only 32 so driving a semi race car every day is great. Maybe a few of the comments have come from the older punters who enjoy things a bit crusier. rock on!

    Re: GT3 as Daily Driver?

    scud said:
    ...Maybe a few of the comments have come from the older punters who enjoy things a bit crusier. rock on!

    Haha, I don't think so!

    Paul, you should find out for yourself. At least drive the cars before buying them - this might help. I could imagine that this will influence your decision.
    Whatever you choose both are absolutely great cars, I'd say you can get along with both and I suppose the rain period in Australia is rather short...

    ... but never say we didn't warn you!

    Re: GT3 as Daily Driver?

    scud said:
    ...Maybe a few of the comments have come from the older punters who enjoy things a bit crusier. rock on!

    I guess I'm one of those described above, and that goes for you guys too

    ... but its very simple, GT3 looks great but given your backround its really not the appropiate model version and thats not a good thing to find out once you bought the car. At least not as your first 911, doesn't mean that later if you want a more "drivers" car and you have gathered more experience and skills you can't jump to a 997GT3 for example. Thats the normal progression.

    But right now a 997S will fit your needs much better. The main thing is, you won't be extracting the GT3's potential above the 997S's and you will be doing so at a highre risk, period. And most probably you will be even faster (AND SAFER) in a 997S than a GT3.

    The GT3 is no introductory model unless you will be using it just for cruising and puttering along in the streets with occasional bursts of tsright line accelerations (as some GT3 owners do) without driving it hard and exploring its limits and enjoying what it has to offer, if so then its not a problem. But if you are planning on enjoying yourself at the wheel of a 911, the GT3 is not a good first option.

    You can even install the future 997GT3 aerokit on a 997S to make it look like a GT3, though I think thats pretty lame unless you will be driving frequently at high speeds and extracting the car's limits for added stability and handling at highspeed. Though the aerodinamics and characteristic light front end at high speed of the 996 are suposed to be improved in the 997. But if its just for looks...

    Try a 997S I'm sure you won't be disapointed



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