Car development is happening constantly but the green light is given at a specific time and it is often later than many people actually think. Especially now, a lot of things are involved in the decision making process, so I wouldn't be surprised if six months later, they abort the 992 GT3 n/a. Smiley (I doubt it though).

Still..... even with that , there has been ZERO surprises , all is going forward as it has always been following the exact same patters . 

Pretty much, yes...

Porsche would lose the game if the GT cars stay n/a. They need another at least 100 PS to be competitive with McLaren for example, especially given the high weight of the Porsche "lightweight" models. The have been squeezing little increments out of the n/a engine but this is near the limit.

The current GTS is as fast as the GT3, almost.

I cannot see the fuss about staying n/a when Porsche have a tradition in turbocharging high performance cars.


"Porsche....and Nothing else matters"