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    Time for Techart?

    Hi guys,

    Need your collective wisdom once again...

    My 2 year warrantee on my C2S Cab is about to expire and I am thinking of 'blinging' the car up with some Techart goodies.

    Recently I have been going through the following thought process...

    1. Retrofit the Porsche Powerkit
    >> Can't my car is older than Aug 05

    2. Trade in my C2S Cab for a Turbo
    >> After numerous test drives and much deliberation I am still left cold by the prospect. So a no there also.

    3. Fit a Ruf Supercharger to add 80bhp/30ft/lb
    >> Worried it will vastly decrease the longevity of my engine and also the fact that it costs about $25k (don't know what the UK price is but I'm sure it's about Pounds20k)

    4. Trade in my C2S Cab for a used Ferrari F430
    >> Certainly my favorite option but currently my garage is not actually wide enough to fit one in! UK new spec single garages for you! So will have to move house first, which may take a year or so.

    5. Do the following Techart conversion:


    Techart 997 gallery example

    This is how it roughly breaks down though:
    • Front spoiler I Pounds600
    • Side skirts Pounds650
    • Rear spoiler I Pounds300
    • Sport chassis Pounds2,500
    • Formula II wheel "20 Frt silver Pounds1,350
    • Formula II wheel "20 Rr silver Pounds1,600
    • Conti-sport Tyres Pounds1,250
    • Engine power kit Pounds1,900
    • Labor Pounds2,500

    Taking the total to nearly Pounds15k. Which is a lot for what is essentially the same car. Now if I take the Sports Chassis and Wheels out of the equation, the I am left with the Body- and Power-Kit for roughly Pounds6k.

    Frankly I am fed up with my OEM Carrera S wheels but no way am I prepared to spend like Pounds5k on Techart 20 inch ones that don't support Porsche 'N' rated tyres!

    The Powerkit gives an extra max 20bhp/6Nm, but does make Torque curve healthier looking:


    So what do you think? Worth the Pounds6k to look a little better and go a little better? Or is the money better spent saving for that new house and an F430?

    Any and all comments welcome...

    Re: Time for Techart?

    Hmmm, why aren't my embedded [image] tags working?

    Re: Time for Techart?

    Hey Alex (UK), seems like you already know the answer!

    Obviously not 1, 2 or 3 for the reasons you've given.

    As for 5, it seems a lot of what you are proposing is merely cosmetic. Will a bit of plastic surgery really refresh your feelings for your C2S Cab? Maybe or maybe not. Only you know the answer to that one. If it were me, I wouldn't bother with the cosmetic stuff. I wonder what it might do to your resale value know how the UK looks at aftermarket mods...

    Option 4 is certainly tempting but where will you park overnight?

    So, why not concentrate on performance mods only (and get an aftermarket exhaust too since you've been desperate to get the PSE for so long) and then when you move home, you can get your F430??

    Re: Time for Techart?

    maybe powerkit, otherwise save for the house, none of the other stuff is worth it and a sport chassis on a cab? leave well enough alone i say... otherwise stiffer shocks and suspension may upset the cab flexier chassis.

    Re: Time for Techart?

    Thanks Easy.

    How is it that you can possibly not know that I ALREADY retrofitted a PSE last summer though. I must have written about 50 posts on it and have been one of the biggest advocate for others to get it too! I couldn't live without it now (one of the major reasons for not moving to a Turbo).

    ...too funny!!

    Yeh, you're probably right about the cosmetics, it's more of a boredom thing than anything else. And the 'extra' power (if you can really call it that) is not exactly going to transform the car.

    Ahhhh, I want a F430 and I want one now!! 'Only' twice as much as my Porsche would resale for. Perhaps I could knock down my garage and rebuild a bigger one in my garden. Don't think the misses would sanction that one though. Nah, going to have to wait to find a mansion in the area with at least a 3 car garage first.

    Can I wait that long though?! By that time there will be the replacement(s) for the F430 out. Without being an existing F customer I can't even put a deposit down on a new one. Dilemmas dilemmas...

    Re: Time for Techart?

    Hey, you asked, I'm bored, here's my us$.02.

    Try as I might I never came to like the Techart wheels. Why? Because I think, because of the very pronounced arcs of the spokes, they attract too much attention to themselves and detract from the slightly more subtle curves of the car.

    IOW, as far as the "Main Attraction" when you drive by, which is it, the wheels or the car? Techart might have us think it's the wheels.

    More us$.02 that's really an inflated us$.01: getting 20s is really something special. Would be cool if they were like haute couture clothes, you only bolted them on for special gala events. For an everyday car it's kinda nuts. (It takes one to know one )

    Re: Time for Techart?

    Oh gosh Alex! My mistake - I confused PSE with X51 in your case. Yes, of course you got PSE retrofitted!! How could I forget?! Yes, I know you can't get X51 because your car was made 1-2 months too early. Sorry again - I'll try harder next time you ask for input!

    Re: Time for Techart?

    I would dearly love to buy another Porsche but the GT3 is too track orientated (looks-wise and no PSM), the Turbo too 'numb' a driving experience (plus the looks aren't good enough for a Pounds100k+ car), and the GT2 is nicknamed the 'widowmaker' (say no more!).

    If only Porsche would drop the GT2 and make a mini Carrera GT (with PSM) for around the same price as a Ferrari F430 or Lamborghini Gallardo. I would sell my right arm for such a car! It would have everything.

    I don't see anything in the pipeline though that would encourage me to buy another Porsche in the next 5 years, so Ferrari/Lambo seem the only logical progression paths...

    Re: Time for Techart?

    A Gallardo is a fair bit narrower than the F430 - might fit in your garage

    Re: Time for Techart?

    never ever Techart for me I would go for a Turbo in your case.

    Re: Time for Techart?

    hmmm, and why techart? Why not PSI from Belgium, they're very good from waht I hear, ask Rami. Also, you could try Sportec from Switzerland. They tune the cars in avery subtle way, making it look slightly more exciting, and the performance should be awesome. Ask Pierre, he let them tune his 996tt.

    Re: Time for Techart?

    GR said:
    A Gallardo is a fair bit narrower than the F430 - might fit in your garage

    Hmmm, possible, but if I am going to spend Pounds120-Pounds140k ($280k) on a second hand supercar then the F430 certainly edges it over the Gallardo (for me at least).

    Ie. when spending that amount of money I wouldn't want something as stupidly practical as the width of a garage to limit my choice.

    Ideally, as I am sure we all do, I just want to 'be like Mike' (S)!

    Re: Time for Techart?

    One other factor Alex. If you choose a second-hand supercar, I personally would choose a Gallardo over a F430. Both are fantastic cars BUT when you see them both parked side by side in a photo, the Gallardo just makes the wonderful F430 look plain.

    Lamborghinis are just that bit more daring in their styling. Like comparing Versace with Valentino. The latter maybe a little classier and slightly better quality but Versace is simply more flamboyant than Valentino.

    Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder anyday....

    This photo is courtesy of Raz (NC). I think it proves my point perfectly....the F430 Spider which one usually would think of as wonderful is simply made to look plain when parked next to a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder....

    Re: Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder anyday....

    OK, this is going off on a tangent now. Think I am going to start a 'which supercar' thread on the sportscar board!!

    Thanks for all the feedback on the Techart idea. I think resale value is the key point in me choosing to pass on this option. Cheers guys

    Re: Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder anyday....

    Here you go, a list of my ultimate desirable cars:

    Yes I agree that the Gallardo is slightly better looking than an F430 but I understand that the F430 is universally agreed to be the better drive. I know there isn't much to split them though especially after the 2006 Gallardo came out.

    Hmmmmm, I think some further back-to-back test drives are in order!

    PS: Would I really want a Jeremy Clarkson car though?!

    Re: Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder anyday....

    easy_rider911 said:
    This photo is courtesy of Raz (NC). I think it proves my point perfectly....the F430 Spider which one usually would think of as wonderful is simply made to look plain when parked next to a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder....

    YEAH! You hit the nail on the head e_r!

    A few years ago I'd think nothing and nobody could out-do Ferrari for that superior hard-to-achieve edge lookswise. But Gosh, Lambo pulled it off.

    Thanks for the pic.

    Re: Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder anyday....

    i think the ruf supercharger is a waste of money. 25k plus your 75k car = 100k!

    you could buy a brand new c2s with the x81 for 100k.

    or you could look at other supercharger/turbo packages. evoms/tpc/9ff.....etc

    i would buy a new house and keep the 911. youre doomed with house. the problem is eventually going to arise again in the future when you decide to buy another car.

    Re: Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder anyday....

    I think the Techart wheels would take away the 20 hp power kit...I don't have anything against 20's but Those wheels are very heavy. If I was you, I would look into evom supercharger kit. Less money then the ruff and more power..Or build a bigger garage and get your dream car..f430

    Re: Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder anyday....

    Buy a CarreraS X51 crate engine or froma wrecker or tuner and bolt it into your car. There you go. The power you want and you can sell or trade your old engine to recoup some of the costs.

    I doubt with the sale/trade of your engine the entire cost would be more than 15-20K.

    Re: Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder anyday....

    To me, you answered your own question... "bling"...

    "Bling", translated in the U.S., is spending thousands of dollars on a nice car to achieve the net result of looking cheaper and trashier and more "gangsta" than you did when you started. Diminishing returns...

    My opinion is abandon the bat-mobiling of your Cab, and focus on performance. The most cost-effective way to go alot faster would to trade-up to a Turbo and be done with it, factory warranty in-hand, and you won't look like a drug dealer...



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