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    Carrera - rear-wing photograph conspiracy theory

    Have you ever noticed that you almost NEVER see pictures of Carreras with "wing-extended"..?

    Don't get me wrong: I love the fact that in such an elegant and understated way, it gracefully extends only "when required"... No GT3 posing for us Carrera drivers.  You will never find us pushing that little button to extend it when parked at the supermarket.  (Although we all sit for hours in our garages doing it no doubt.  Or at least I will when my very first Porsche, the GTS, arrives in December.)

    But surely those uber-dynamic publicity shots (whilst probably taken at slower-than-you-think speeds at the request of the photographer hanging out the side of the following car)  should be taken showing the wing extended..?

    I mean it's certainly not ugly - far from it - from every angle it's fantastic - and it's a sports car.  It's a 911.

    It's no big deal of course, and it's got nothing to do with real life, but I just kinda wondered..?

    (2) On a related topic, and I KNOW I am the last person on this forum - if not on the PLANET - to notice this, but that Panamera wing.  Wow.  It's like something from the film Transformers.  I saw it extend yesterday for the first time (OK, I live in Africa...) and it was pretty amazing.  Or was it TOO amazing..?  A little too "bling" perhaps, even if it is just doing something totally functional..?  It's almost as if it should cover itself in a towel whilst it's all extending and unfolding and happening.  Not our subtle little Carrera moves here.  No sir.  This is origami for cars.  (This is probably the way the 991 will go too.  Just because it can....)

    I sped up to overtake and check out the lady driver.  Sadly it wasn't Megan Fox.

    Re: Carrera - rear-wing photograph conspiracy theory

    Who cares about the wing ? I certainly don't and I would happy if the 991 would loose the wing but apparently it doesn't. The new wing is actually more effective and in my opinion, it looks better but I really don't understand why Porsche should take low speed publicity shots with the wing extended ? 

    As to the Panamera Turbo wing: Amazing, I agree. I love it too and I wish Porsche would have used something similar for the 991.


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    Re: Carrera - rear-wing photograph conspiracy theory


    ...but I really don't understand why Porsche should take low speed publicity shots with the wing extended ? .


    ...I'm not saying they should.  I'm not expressing an opinion whether they should or shouldn't.  I don't really care.Smiley But why do you think they don't.., seeing that they could..?   Smiley

    As for the 991 wing, I'm surprised to hear you say that they aren't using something similar on the 991.  I've heard that the 991 wing extends out from under the bumper and unfolds in 3 directions before changing colour depending on PASM - red in sports mode, and green in normal (aligned to the improvements in economy).  That's the main reason for all the camoflage in the spy shots so far.

    But then again I speculated on the back end of the new 991 in another thread and got into dreadful trouble for it Smiley





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