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    Just Driven The 3.4

    Have to say its impressive and I drove it back to back against a 997. The 997 had more urgency (but nowhere near Pounds20k worth) and sounded brilliant but the Boxster sounded almost as good (far more aggressive than the 280bhp unit) and at the top end pulled almost as hard. Low down it was noticably less powerful but the chassis balance was as inspiring as ever - it felt small and lithe, whereas the felt 997 cumbersome (I have owned lots of mid engined cars so perhaps this isn't totally fair on my part). Also, it seemed fun compared to the 997, which somehow struck me as too sober.

    In conclusion, I much preferred it to the 997 because the chassis is so much more to my liking and the engine only slightly less inspiring. Against the Cayman (which I drove a couple of months ago), its not as precise but at Pounds4000 less for the same poke, it makes a very strong case for itself. I honestly think its the best value Porsche in the range but I'm not sure if that's enough against the Cayman's handling. At least I now know that my next Porsche is going to be mid engined....

    Re: Just Driven The 3.4

    Thanks for your sharing your experience. My 3.4 is 5 weeks away....

    Re: Just Driven The 3.4

    thank u for sharing~

    Re: Just Driven The 3.4

    I gotta agree that the Boxster with 3.4L displacment and Variocam is a good value, or as good a value as you're ever going to get with Porsche. I would take the Bosxter over the Cayman for cost reasons, plus, as you've identified, it's a FUN car - less sober than a 911, and that FUN factor is present in the Boxster more than the Cayman, IMO at least. Plus you can throw the top down if you feel like it!

    If the 911 Cab was cheaper than the 911, which do you think would sell more?

    Re: Just Driven The 3.4

    How could anyone ever choose a coupe over a cab? Boxster yes, Cayman no.

    Re: Just Driven The 3.4

    Scotty A said:
    How could anyone ever choose a coupe over a cab? Boxster yes, Cayman no.

    Well not everyone wants an open top of course, but my big issue with the Cayman is PoundsPoundsPounds$$$ Even more so now there is no performance advantage.

    Re: Just Driven The 3.4

    Thanks for the heads up! I am also concidering the 3.4 over the 3.2...and this confirms my optimistic hopes

    Re: Just Driven The 3.4

    The 3.4 was what convinced me to trade in my 00S 986.

    My 07 987S order just received factory code PROD meaning they are finally building it! Supposed to be through basic production on 9/28 then off to Exclusives Dept for a few things. Hoping for end-October North Carolina delivery.

    Can't wait.......

    Re: Just Driven The 3.4

    I'm feeling the need at last to upgrade from my 2.7 987!

    Just to what though is the question - a 3.4 would maybe do the trick...

    Re: Just Driven The 3.4

    I have passed on some great deals on 05 and 06 3.2s in order to get the 3.4 (due Nov). I still don't know how much more money it is really worth but I figure it is brand new and two years newer than an 05 therefore resale should be a little better down the road. I also can't see the Cayman really being a much better handling car unless you are always on the track. Top down is a big plus for me.



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