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    Time for a tuner thread...

    There seen to be some strong views on tuners in these pages, not least from RC. What I have trouble understanding is the reasons for the significant differences in prices charged by say Ruf vs DMS Automotive in the UK.

    I know Ruf offer a warranty which may explain some of it. But who, if any, would board members use on a 996 TT and why?

    Note that this is not intended to restart the "will Porsche find out" argument. My view is that any engine tuning you do runs the risk of being discovered which risk rises proportionately to the cost of the item which fails.

    All thoughts appreciated.

    Re: Time for a tuner thread...

    Have a peek at these 2 threads.

    Ruf aren't cheap. But their work is rather more than a remap. Companies in the UK like DMS simply remap the engine and perhaps chuck in an exhaust as well.

    Ruf do much more in their bigger conversions. For their 590 BHP engine, the whole thing is dismantled and rebuilt on a bench. They have a proper dyno to test engines out of the car and set them up properly. This is very time consuming. Then there's the warranty but you have already mentioned that.

    If I had the money, I'd get Ruf to do the work and hang the cost. If I didn't have the money, I would approach DMS/AMD/Ray West etc and go for a re-map. However, if the engine blows after one of these guys has just remapped the engine, then you have lost your warranty and you will need to buy a new engine. Suddenly the Ruf engine with full warranty looks like more sense.

    Re: Time for a tuner thread...

    Thanks. The RUF option seems good but i still don't understand RC's concerns on RUF.

    Re: Time for a tuner thread...

    I cannot recall RC's comments in detail but he did intensive modifications to his former 996 TT. I do believe that alternating the engine ECU is not a big deal on the software side but on the results you receive.

    Ruf did an impressive job with their Yellow Bird back a couple of years. It is still faster than a lot of cars nowadays and even faster than its current successor.

    I am not familiar with Ruf's pricing but I tend to believe that a lot of things are very expensive, maybe too expensive for what you get in return.

    I do appreciate the work they do on cars they build up from scratch, checking the weldings and building it up to owner's specifications. I have not heard sufficient comments about Ruf's reliability so no info on that one.

    Any serious tuner should provide a warranty for their modifications, at least 6 to 12 month. Every serious tuner in Germany does it and I think if you do your homework you don't have to fear any consequenses due to blowing engines etc.!

    Question is if it is worth to modify the car. It is expensive to do and it will probably lower the car's value, at least here in Germany. I tend to think that a Ruf-converted one will be one of the most price-stable ones!




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