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    Porsche wins Formula 1 race

    Porsche wins Formula 1 race

    Re: Porsche wins Formula 1 race

    Actually Porsche did win F1 Races.
    The first time Mansour Ojjeh (MClaren) invested in F1, the team was Tag Porsche with its mighty F1 turbo engine with driver all time great Alain Porst.
    I will always remember when I did my visit at Zuffenhausen of the factory, there was the car on display in the Porsche museum and I told the guy I didn't know Porsche was ever in F1. He told me
    "Oh yeah, we were in F1 and like all other races, we came, we won and we left!"

    Re: Porsche wins Formula 1 race

    "Oh yeah, we were in F1 and like all other races, we came, we won and we left!"

    ...and they returned and lost and left.

    in the early 90's porsche supplied underpowered and overweight engines to arrows. it was a desaster.

    Re: Porsche wins Formula 1 race

    I truely think that Porsche didn't enter Motorsports again yet because they have the Formula One on their mind and they know that right now, it is impossible to win against Ferrari, McLaren Mercedes and BMW.
    Maybe they wait for the right moment, when Ferrari gets bored of winning, when Mercedes gets bored of investing so much money and when BMW already won one title and maybe return back to baking homemade cookies.

    The only international race class which makes sense to race in (from a prestige point of view or better said: from a marketing/advertising point of view ) is the Formula One.
    And racing the Formula One not only requires the skills but also a lot of money. Probably Porsche also wants to avoid some embarresment at the beginning, especially in the first year.

    That said, I don't think that Porsche will return back to high class international motorsports, maybe an event here and there but not something really important. Sad.

    Re: Porsche wins Formula 1 race

    In a conversation I had with a high ranking Porsche employee I was told the current strategy of their participation in Le Mans and Formula 1 is of no interest due to both financial and marketing reasons.
    The financial input required to participate and possibly win Le Mans today is almost equal to that of Formula 1 and the marketing value of a race that takes place only once in a year doesn't substantiate the required investment.
    In order to win Formula 1 you would have to plan a 3-5 year period of participation without any reasonable chance of winning the first 2 years due to the inexperince in Formula 1.
    Subsequently is the marketing value of no interest to Porsche when you have no reasonable chance of winning upon the first year of participation.

    Re: Porsche wins Formula 1 race

    How abaut entering de DTM races
    DTM is growing international interest
    The races are much more exiting then F1 or Lemans

    Re: Porsche wins Formula 1 race

    The races are much more exiting then F1 or Lemans

    the DTM lacks soul IMO -- although the race action is entertaining sometimes, the whole event seems very provincial and artificial to me. and it's local. even if they are trying hard to widen the series accross europe.

    if porsche returns into motor sports they have to do it big time. there's only F1.

    and there's only one way back into F1: if VW is taking over porsche and the sauber team

    anyway, woudn't it be great to see all-white porsche F1 race cars competing against red ferraris and grey, erm, silver arrows?

    would be great for the marketing dept. as well: promoting it as "F1 special edition" would probably help selling the cayenne 2.0 TDI



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