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    997 gt2 question.

    Is it real what they say about the 997 GT2 that instead of 530hp that porsche says is actually 580hp?

    Re: 997 gt2 question.


    Re: 997 gt2 question.

    alexarkentis said:
    Is it real what they say about the 997 GT2 that instead of 530hp that porsche says is actually 580hp?

    Where did you hear that? I would doubt it, as I would guess to feel 50 more HP than a turbo. 580 can come from a $3k DME remap of the programming. Easily done.

    Re: 997 gt2 question.

    The 996 GT2's HP number was the horsepower created when the car WASN'T on overboost. At full throttle the car overboosted for some 40sec. max. When have you EVER (even on most tracks) been at full throttle for 40 sec in a row? So while the official HP number was 462 hp on over boost the number was in fact well over 500hp.

    I wouldn't doubt that the same hold true for the 997 GT2.

    Re: 997 gt2 question.

    I leave in Athens and before a couple of days my new GT2 arrived but i have not driven it yet cause the registration and number plates are not yet done. I went to the porsche showroom too see it and the sales man told that he has spoken with people inside the company and the car its actually a bit more powerful than what they say, and i asked a couple friends if they have any idea about that and all of them told me that they have heard about it before. Yeah it seems to much to me to be 50hp more than what porsche says!

    Re: 997 gt2 question.

    Wonder how you could prove or disprove that statement. Porsche is known for being conservative. I do wonder when you see threads about the GT-R and GT-R V that are doing laps faster than the GT2. Maybe Walter is slow. Just seems that 530 sounds right. If feels to me, when I drove it right off the truck, that ti could have had more than 530, when I was comparing it to the feel of my TT. My TT was a Tip, so there was no way to really get the true feel. I would like some other feedback from GT2 owners.

    Re: 997 gt2 question.

    Yeah i agree with you about porsche being conservative, from the first time i heard it, it sound to me strange and that's why i asked you guys. Thnx for the information wait to see more opinions from GT2 owners.



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