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    M3 CSL

    I remember a couple of discussions here on the new BMW M3 CSL and what was needed to get the 250Km/h limit removed.

    Well, today I have decided to sell my MY2K Carrera 4 Cab and get a new black CSL. When signing the order at the BMW dealership here in Switzerland, the sales guy asked me if I wanted the car with or without the 250Km/h limiter. After I had told him that 'Yes', I wanted an 'open' car, he gave me a very simple standard form to sign and apparently, that's IT!! The contents of the original form is in German but it's only three sentences saying something like:

    "I am intending to use the BMW M3 CSL for motor sports activities. Based on this, I am asking the manufacturer to remove the 250Km/h speed limit. I am aware that any Guarantee/Warranty will not be affected by this."

    The original goes:

    "Ich beabsichtige, das vom mir bestellte Fahrzeug BMW M3 CSL für Motorsportveranstaltungen zu nutzen. Aufgrund dessen bitte ich Sie, die Einschränkung der Höchstgeschwindigkeit auf 250Km/h werksseitig aufheben zu lassen. Mit ist bewusst, dass Gewährleistungseinschränkungen gemäss der Verkaufsbedingungen hiervon unberührt bleiben."

    If I remember correctly, RC stated that in Germany this same action would require a valid international racing license. Sounds like the restrictions are far less stringent here in Switzerland as they apparently are in Germany. And I always thought we Swiss are the champions in setting of rules and regulations

    BTW, I had to sign a similar paper for the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires.....

    Frankly, I still don't understand the reason why BMW is asking its customers to sign those papers? However, since I can't see any harm either, I signed both documents.

    Delivery of the car is sometime in early February


    PS: Anybody interested in my C4Cab? Please let me know.

    Re: M3 CSL

    Congrats on your soon to be new car - I really love the carbon parts. Be sure to enjoy this beauty on the track as well. It would be a pity not to use those compound tires for what they were intended for.

    As for the racing licens... I don't know if the rules differ from country to country (apparently they do). However should you need to obtain one it is no big problem (depending on the race category). Assuming you have a bit of skill and interest in driving a car around a track. I have a C-licens (obtained in Denmark) which so far has been sufficient for the few race courses I've been to.

    Anyway, happy driving!

    Re: M3 CSL

    Gregor, this is actually the same paper which has to be signed over here in Germany. The problem is: BMW will ask your dealer to provide a copy of your racing license.
    Maybe in Switzerland things are handled different but I just talked to a family friend who's a BMW dealer and this is actually how it works. He sold one CSL, his customer had to sign the same document you did sign and a few days later, BMW asked for a copy of the racing license. I hope you're lucky.

    Re: M3 CSL

    Christian, thanx very much for your reply even thought, obviously, I don't like reading what you're saying.

    Frankly, I would be quite surprised if that will really happen. Reasons are:

    #1 None of the dealerships here (and I've checked out several, including one that had 3 'open' cars in the show room that I could have driven away that day) mentioned anything about producing a racing license.
    #2 What would the legal impact be? After all, it is my understanding that I have a 100% valid and legally binding contract with BMW. It would surprise me VERY much if they can simply change the terms of this document after both signatures!
    #3 I honestly don't see what BMW could gain by asking for this license? Doubt very much that they could fight off any claims against them, even if the driver is a total novice.
    #4 How could they possibly prevent a first buyer from selling the car to ANYBODY?

    I guess I could think of a few more.....

    In any case, I will let you know right away should I actually get a request for producing such a license.

    OT : The only thing I hope I will NOT have to do after I take delivery of the car is, 'cheering for the BMW-Williams F1 team'. I am not a big fan of both of their drivers and Ferrari stands above all of them, no matter what

    Have a great weekend ya'll.


    Re: M3 CSL

    Different country, different rules? I hope it...for you.
    You're right, it doesn't make sense that a customer signs a contract and after a few days, his dealer gets a nice letter from BMW asking for a racing license. But this happened to the dealer I told you about.
    Actually all BMW dealers know that a racing license is mandatory to get the 280 kph top speed but maybe BMW changed it's policy? Strange.

    Also found this article. It reads: Schluss mit Newton, rein in die Praxis. Name: BMW M3 CSL. Hubraum: 3,2 Liter. Leistung: 360 PS. Spitze: 250 km/h. Aber nur weil er nicht mehr darf. Die Chefs in München haben es verboten und verkaufen die 280-km/h-Version nur gegen Vorlage einer Rennlizenz.


    DO NOT ask your dealer to ask BMW what this is all about!
    One should never wake up sleeping dogs.

    Re: Forgot...

    Thanx for the interesting article from AutoBild and NO, I will certainly not ask my dealer about the racing license issue!!!!




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