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    Winter Tires


    seems Summer is over now and a big cayenne prob shows up:

    searching the german Porsche site for Cayenne Winter Tires I only found the size

    235/60 R 18 H (hehe good size for a Smart or something...)


    Searched the web and found out that the size

    255/55R 18 109V M+S

    is available for the 5.0l Touareg. Hmm, what now? The size 235 is mickey mouse size for the Cayenne and on other hand
    I don`t want to play around with non PAG approved tires. To
    use Y tires (Speed Index 300 Km/h) in Winter is also BS.

    Any suggestions?


    Re: Winter Tires

    Unfortunately you don't have another choice right now, you have to go for the 235's.
    Look at the attached picture, it shows my ML55 with winter tires (255's) and the Cayenne Turbo with winter tires (235's).
    Yes, the 235 tire size looks a little bit like a "Mickey Mouse" size but I can assure you that you can still drive the Cayenne very fast and safe. Go for the Dunlops, they're great.
    Porsche has done a lot of winter testing and they came to the conclusion that the 235 tire size is the best compromise between driveability in the dry AND snow. As you know, the narrower the winter tire, the better the traction and especially braking distance.
    I remember climbing up a sleigh track(!) in my ML55 last winter in Austria, up to a height of more than 2200 meters. It was completely covered with deep snow, almost half a meter and despite the 255 tires, my ML kept going on and on, it was real fun. So stick with the 235s, even if they look somehow strange (Mickey Mouse ) and I'm sure you'll see a larger size to be available in a year or two.

    Re: Winter Tires

    thanks a lot for the pic - the 235 looks much uglier than supposed!

    So I really hope that this winter will be not too hard and use
    the SL for longer trips. It`s sooooooo lame that the PAG don`t offers a better solution together with the tire companys.

    But I really don`t understand why VW have a wider range . ok, they have lower topspeed but it would be easier to live with a 210 Km/h speed limitation than with this 235 crap. This will be the first car I don`t drive winter tires on.

    Re: Winter Tires

    This will be the first car I don`t drive winter tires on.

    All I can tell you is that you're making a mistake. I test drove the Cayenne Turbo with these tires at temperatures around -3* and they sticked to the dry (but very cold) street like glue. Even a acceleration run from standstill to 130 kph worked without any slip from the tires, absolutely great.
    I also talked to a friend who owns a Cayenne Turbo about winter capabilities (he got the one of the first Cayenne Turbo in Bavaria) and he said that in conjunction with the 235 winter tires, the Cayenne performed absolutely great on snow, even much better than his former Range Rover V8.

    Sorry to say that but looks isn't always everything. And driving a SL in winter time should be a pain in the a.. . I already have traction problems when I drive my E55 on dry pavement, not to speak about wet streets. So maybe you want to overthink your decision.
    I'll be in Zuffenhausen next week and if you want, I can try to find out if there is any possibility to mount larger tires on your Cayenne. You have a Cayenne S, right?

    Re: Winter Tires

    Hi RC,

    we both are completely wrong in this matter - yeah! :-)

    I'm sure that in my former 03 Cayenne S the only winter size been the 235`s - now I have a 04 model, checked the carpapers.... YES! the 255`s M+S are included!!! Check the pic.

    Yes, you`ve been right that`s stupid to use a rear wheel drive in the winter if you have a 4x4 and normally I'm absolutely PRO winter tires - I drove them even on my GT3 and had a lot of fun with it in the snow :-)

    Again thanks.

    Re: Winter Tires

    fun in the snow without PCM :-)

    Re: Winter Tires

    You don't have to thank me, I'm sorry I didn't think about the possiblity of a 04.
    It could be a problem with availability, you should check with your dealer as fast as possible. I'm not sure if there is a complete winter set (tires & rims at a special price) available with the 255s, you should check that with your dealer too.
    Sometimes it takes a while until these sets are available.

    I love the GT3 pic, very nice exhaust...

    Re: Winter Tires

    Ohoh, this chapter is still not closed...

    Called my dealer reg the 255`s and he talked with Stgt and told me that I can choose between a Conti 4x4 and a Pirelli Scorpion 255/55 R 18 109 XL V M+S

    ALLSEASON tire - NOT a classical full WINTER tire.

    Ok, been my my tiredealer and he called Pirelli and the Pirelli dude dont even know this tire! He said no Scorpions with NO classification! So I'm get really pis..d off and called Stgt directly. End of story is I could get this tire over my Pursch Center but he don`t recommend this tire. He said a lill snow and you have probs with traction. If you want safety and performance in winter you have to go for the classical winter tire and this thing is only available in 235.... and the size 235 is near on the border from Pursch requirements so that even in future we don`t may count on bigger winter only tires.

    He also mentioned that adaptions from Touareg specs are strictly prohibited becouse of the complete different setup, braking system etc.

    So it looks that there is no choice in this point.

    Re: Winter Tires

    Right now i own X5 4.4i with spot pkg on it and drove half of the 1st winter ont them, well wasn't fun. A friend of mine had his 255/55/18 Pirelli winter tires on, on his 4.4i it seemed ok to me, but wasn't too good. Tires felt too hard for winter, plus there were a lot of understeer, so i desided to go with 235/60/17 Michelin winter tires. YES they look a lot aglier, but then again, handling was about 1.5x better than Pirelli. I mean, would you prefer style over safety in winter?

    Re: Winter Tires

    Cay, you should wait until next week, maybe I can find out more about the whole story.
    Forget about All-Season tires on the Cayenne, driving in snow is horrible (I suppose you go skiing too, right?).

    Re: Winter Tires

    Cay, you should wait until next week, maybe I can find out more about the whole story.
    Forget about All-Season tires on the Cayenne, driving in snow is horrible (I suppose you go skiing too, right?).

    sure, would be hear more from Stgt. but it allready looks thats no other choice.

    You can forget allseasons cuz they are not designed for cold & snow. A guy with a ML told be that wintertires on a ML are a nightmare - you told us you made good experiences on snow with your 255`s....

    So, if 255`s on a ML are fine there is also the possibility to go
    for Pirelli Winter Tires in H wich are limited to 210 km/h (would be enuff for cayenne in winter) in 255??.

    We usually don`t have to fight with deep snow here in NRW and we`re usually not going in the south for skiing but we have the cold also where normal tires loose a lot of grip.

    Re: Winter Tires

    Not sure why your friend had such a bad experience with winter tires on his ML. Some people tend to go for tires which are not recommended by the manufacturer of the car and sometimes people get very bad results with their choices.
    Especially regarding winter tires, manufacturer recommendations should be followed. I drove a 996 C2 with (factory recommended) Pirelli winter tires a few years ago and I loved it's handling on dry streets. A friend of mine put a Bridgestone (as far as I remember ) winter tire on his 996 C2 and the car was almost undriveable in the dry, very nervous and very weird steering feel, I didn't like it at all.

    I have Dunlop winter tires (M2) on my ML55 and they are very very good, even on dry pavement. In snow, there is no limit to traction, very impressive but of course you always have to be careful when bringing a 2.1 ton (Cayenne 2.3 ton) car to a stop. Braking is definetely something one has to get used to on snow with a SUV but otherwise, the winter tires are great.
    Last winter we had so much snow in Austria during our ski vacation, I was one of the few who were able to drive in certain areas and people were thinking I'm crazy.

    If you already talked to the factory, I'm not sure I find out something new but who knows, sometimes some eye-to-eye contact does wonders and unveils new possibilities.



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