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    Cougar Ace has docked in San Diego and then Sailed....!!

    Cougar Ace 12/26 06:55 12/26 15:58 TBN 24-04 Disc Automobile, Local PASHA PSH M.O.S.K. SG

    Looks like my car should be in the USA now !! Who else has a car on this ship?

    Re: Cougar Ace has docked in San Diego and then Sailed....!!

    Congrats John! Now it's time to start stalking your salesman for a quick delivery.

    The guy hasn't even called me?!?!?

    Dealers just suck....

    Re: The guy hasn't even called me?!?!?

    I suspect he'll be nagging you as soon as it arrives at the dealer so he can get sales credit this month/year!

    Re: The guy hasn't even called me?!?!?

    John, congratulations. If I recall, it took longer than I thought to get the Porsche off the dock in SD because of inspection and finding a truck to load it on. And then delivery (which took the least amount of time) to the Long Beach dealer and their dealer prep. It took about 8 to 9 days from the time I found out my car was at the dock until I drove off the lot. I used the time to clear out my garage.

    Re: The guy hasn't even called me?!?!?

    How did you guys find out what boat your cars were on?

    Re: The guy hasn't even called me?!?!?

    My car was unloaded in San Diego on October 20th and I took it home from the dealer in Thousand Oaks, CA on October 28th. While waiting for my car to arrive in San Diego, I saw some sit at the dock for a few days. The load of Porsches that arrived with mine seemed to go immediately to PDI and onto trucks. It all happened a few days faster than I thought it would. Cars that are headed for an actual buyer have priority at PDI.

    WEISSY - you should be able to get this information from your dealer. The ONVESL date combined with the list of ship ONVESL consignments pretty well nails down which ship your car is on.

    Re: The guy hasn't even called me?!?!?

    weissy said:
    How did you guys find out what boat your cars were on?


    Re: The guy hasn't even called me?!?!?

    John SF 2005 997 S said:
    Dealers just suck....

    Oh boy; that's the truth, John! Check this story out. Originally I ordered a 997S, but my dealership screwed up my trade-in of my 2002 Boxster S. I was traveling too much for work and did not have time to sell the car through the newspaper, test drives to strangers, etc. Hence the trade-in was my only course of action, I guess. The dealership tried to offer me $10k below trade-in market value of the car (the so-called Black Book value). When asked why such a low offer, they told me the car was in two major accidents (one front, one back). My eyes bugged out and my jaw dropped. BULLSHEISSE--I thought, said. I was the only owner and knew for a fact that was not true. The car was in mint condition. The dealership tried to pull a fast one on the day my 997S got off the boat. One hour later I went to Plan B at another dealership and went home that night in my black 997. I test drove a 997S, but had not done so in the 997 before that fateful night. To be frank, I cannot tell the difference between the 997S and 997, equipped with Chrono Sport, PASM, and 19-in wheels. I have almost all the options I ordered on the 997S and I saved $10k on the final price, not including the trade-in stuff. The other dealership not only gave me a fair price on the trade-in, but they informed me a few days ago that my Boxster S is going to be a Porsche Certified vehicle. Some Porsche dealers suck. Others rock. I still have not noticed differences, such as the 0.2 second lag between the 997 and 997S on the 100 kph run. I have not noticed a difference in braking or cornering. It's something to think about.

    Re: The guy hasn't even called me?!?!?

    Wow Tony, that's quite a story. That is the most blatant dealer ripoff story I have ever heard. Good job walking away. Did you have a deposit with the original dealer?

    Re: The guy hasn't even called me?!?!?

    Thanks Jason. Yes, I did have a deposit and they might be holding it hostage (I'm not too clear on that at the moment, although I don't have my money back yet). There was a vague email from the dealer about holding my deposit until the vehicle I was ordered is sold to someone else, which was not a part of the original deal. I'm going to give them another week because of the down time associated with the holiday season and if I don't get my money back by then I'm going to take action. This dealer has an interesting reputation, which I had hope would hav changed with the new owners, but I think the new owners may have made the mistake of retaining too many of the previous employees. New owner, new building, same old employees (particularly at the used car section that appraised my Boxster S).... Needless to say JD Powers won't be calling me to ask me what I think of the dealership that lost the deal.

    Re: The guy hasn't even called me?!?!?

    wow holminator that sucks!!!



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