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    CT Techart on sale

    If you do or know,  have an interess on my CT Techart, please contact me thru mail.

    Here some details about the car.

    First hand car

    Year  of the car: 20.05.2005

    Km of the car: 101350

    Colour: Grey   inside : Beige

    Really well look after

    No crash, Every services made at the same garage,

    Summer tire almost new.

    Here some pics:


     this is not a first April jock.


     Cayenne Turbo - Mini Cooper S - 997 GT3

    Re: CT Techart on sale

    I've been told by a member of Rennteam that these quind of Post are not really welcome here.

    Sorry for that and if Eunice, you could remove it, i would be thankful to you.Smiley

     Cayenne Turbo - Mini Cooper S - 997 GT3

    Re: CT Techart on sale

    I could remove it, but the decision if it's appropriate or not is not mine. I don't see why I should remove it, as long as this is a private offer.

    Re: CT Techart on sale

    Cram is a respected RT-user, I don't see one single reason why this thread should be removed.


    The secret of life is to admire without desiring.

    Re: CT Techart on sale

    Ok for me too,Cram you post regularry on RennTeam,no reason to delete..Smiley
    997 TT, what a car/che'mmmmmaghena!!!

    Re: CT Techart on sale


    I personally do not have any issues with such a longtime member like you offering your private car here. Good luck with the sale! Smiley

    Re: CT Techart on sale

    If someone has at least a few hundred posts and it is not a commercial business, why not allow "for sale" posts.

    Re: CT Techart on sale

    IMO private members (not disguised auto traders)  with a track record on rennteam (i.e. not to register just to sell a car) should be allowed to advertise. There could even be a Forum devoted to this. Why not?
    It's not where you're going, it's how you get there that counts

    Re: CT Techart on sale

    So we all agree, and that's not happening very often.

    If you make friends here, why not tell them you are selling one of your cars? Cram for sure gave us many very good posts.

    But it's clear that we do not want disguised car traders or people that only register to sell a car.

    If I come here and I have to dig through tons of posts with commercial interest, that would really annoy me.

    To prevent that from happening, we might have to delete such offers in the future.

    Re: CT Techart on sale

    We should have a a set number of posts and/or join-date (I would set both requisites in a general ballpark figure) beyond which such adverts may be permited, so that when we erase one, we can tell the user that its nothing personal, there is a rule that you need "x" to be able to post an advert. And also would serve as a guideline for the mods so that we all act the same.


    Re: CT Techart on sale

    Well this is is just a nice surprise from all of you. What can i say exceptedSmiley
    Smiley, and SmileySmileySmiley

    I use to be on a Lotus Forum before been on RT and we had a topic that gave space to the member and only the member for saling Cars announce.

    Might be something new and usefull SmileySmiley

    Thanks for the quind ReplysSmiley                     Smiley TO YOU

     Cayenne Turbo - Mini Cooper S - 997 GT3

    Re: CT Techart on sale

    Should be in a dedicated section though...

    100 posts minimum to put something up. 

    Re: CT Techart on sale

    Agree with 100 posts, however a dedicated section (indeed 'for sale') is a must. Better for both parties.

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    Re: CT Techart on sale


    Cram for sure gave us many very good posts.


    Not ony that, he is also a very nice chap! Smiley

    Re: CT Techart on sale

    WOW cram! I got mine the same time as yours, but I'm only on 39,000km. You sure do drive! Good luck with the sale my friend!

    Re: CT Techart on sale

    Eunice :Not ony that, he is also a very nice chap. 

    Thank you for the compliment


    Mike S: WOW cram! I got mine the same time as yours, but I'm only on 39,000km. You sure do drive! Good luck with the sale my friend! 

    Yes but you do have alot of other Toy compare to me which gives you more choise with driving cars and do less Km 

    If i can sell this car properly, my X6 will be easier to get. Well i hope it want be to taugh, otherwise i'll have to sell it to the garage and  i don't really want to do this, cause they give you always less many then if you sell it by yourserlf









     Cayenne Turbo - Mini Cooper S - 997 GT3



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