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    Very interesting in Australia

    Well, now I can say that it was a bit as I felt. Kimi Poleman, and Alonso 2nd (but half a second behind!). Very well for BMW , and for Superaguri! (Let's see if they have problems because the copied chassis from Honda).

    I really feel sad for Felipe Massa. Hope they will not have to change his gearbox, and avoid a penalty.

    And of course, a brilliant beguinning for Mr. Hamilton! I think this man has a lot to say.

    In the other hand, most of us expected the rather poor performance from Renault... they need a "heavyweight" in the team, and I'm afraid.....

    Nice, very exciting (except for the problems of Massa). This year will be a very interesting F1 championship. The new times are already here. The majority of pilots really young.

    But please keep in mind: Kimi was very, very fast (despite he rather complained a bit through the radio when finishing his pole lap -or I understood that- of the behavour of the car).

    Let's see how Alonso performs the start line without the "magic" Renault sistem...

    Re: Very interesting in Australia


    I really feel sad for Felipe Massa. Hope they will not have to change his gearbox, and avoid a penalty.

    They dont need to change the engine, but only gearbox, so defenetly he wont get any penalty.

    Maybe Ferrari has less fuel than McLarens, because its quite a big gap. But to be Ferrari on front at the start of the seasion was expected, but problably they wont improve as McLaren will, so seasion will be very exciting. Hamilton was great so far, yesterday in hard conditions he didnt make a single mistake and was on leader`s pace all the time. BMW did great job too, I would really like to see Villeneuve in this car..

    I expected Renault to be there, because Fisichella never was a good team leader.

    Cant wait for tommorow

    Re: Very interesting in Australia

    Kimi looked like he was in control, and is probably the fastest car tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing how Hamilton will cope with a full race, very impressive qualifying

    Also good to see BMW on the pace, at least so far this year.

    The highlight of qualifying for me was that Super Aguri outqulified Honda - go Sato and Davidson

    Re: Very interesting in Australia

    Ferraris's top speed is simply impressive compared to the other cars, they just pulverise the third stint, and the third stint is what gave Kimi that incredible qualifying time. I agree with Temm, he look in control.
    Too bad Massa didn't get to show his attemp, I'm sure he would have been second after Kimi.

    Interesting to see the fuel load of the Ferrari's but I don't think they were light on fuel, they are simply the faster car right now.

    The McLaren team seems very psyched up with the results, Dennis look very happy, they are not used to this performance early in the season, and they seem very confident, with more improvements expected for the car on Bahrain. Reminds me to when Schummi came to Ferrari after not winning for years and the situation was flipped around.

    I don't want to see how low the moral must be in the Renault camp, they have dominated the Australian GP for the last years and now they do not have a the confidence of having an Alonso on the team that can work a miracle on the tough weekends, and started very poorly the season.

    Hamilton did a great job but lets not forget he did over 8000km on the McLaren in the preseason, more than any other driver I belive, so lapping the track for fast laps with the 2007 McLaren should be second nature by now. However the race is a different story, no amount of lapping will give you race experience. If he stays cool and makes no mistake he will do a good job IMO.

    Glad to see the BMW guys back up there but I wonder what fuel load they have since they are know for starting light.

    In the spanish TV we will an honor tomorrow, De La ROsa (Alonso's teammate - McLaren test driver) will be one of the comentators, which is a luxury. His comments are so informative and soooo good, with first hand knowledged of everything thats going on, it makes the race twice as exiting

    Re: Very interesting in Australia

    Shakal said:

    They dont need to change the engine, but only gearbox, so defenetly he wont get any penalty.

    I'm afraid that changing the gearbox has also the penalty

    Re: Very interesting in Australia

    The Ferraris looked impressive today. Eventhough I am a guest of the Vodafone McLaren team, I am going to tip for a Ferrari win tomorrow (I will have to remember not to cheer for Ferrari though!). As for Lewis, you guys are forgetting that this is his first time out on the street circuit of Melbourne. To do what he did is indeed impressive! He will be a world champion in the next three years.

    Re: Very interesting in Australia

    I'm mystified how the Aguris can be ahead of the Hondas. Maybe they traded cars? Glad Raikonnen is on pole but would have liked to see what Massas could have done. Hamilton really surprised me! But a race is different than qualifying.

    I am getting ready for the big race!



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