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    Considering a indoor car cover

    I have never covered my car in my garage and I am considering dropping a father's day hint to my family to purchase one for me. Any suggestions/recommendations? I only use my car in nice weather and I am only home about half of each month so it spends a lot of time in the garage. I have been considering the Porsche indoor cover and also Griot's who sells two indoor covers--one which is very light weight with flannel on the underside and a second one which is a little heavier material and probably not quite as soft but probably more durable. Flannel is very soft but it seems to me that it would hold or retain dirt more readily than other fabrics which could possibly scratch the finish. Any recommendation/personal experiences would be appreciated. Thanks!

    Re: Considering a indoor car cover

    I love love my Porsche indoor cover - it fits the "baby" like a glove, washes up nicely and looks great. The material is very nice/soft too!

    Re: Considering a indoor car cover

    I've got the Covercraft indoor cover, Lycra material stretches around car for great fit, very soft microfiber lining prevents scratching or chafing. Storage bag included. I think I paid $259 from Autosport in 2006

    Re: Considering a indoor car cover

    Get the lightweight cover and use it.


    Because when the _recently_paroled_ recovering meth addict service guy comes to your house to fix your Sub Zero you might not want him to know you own a fancy car(s) too.

    Re: Considering a indoor car cover

    It would be great to know - especially from those who own darker colored cars which can show scratches more easily - if the Porsche indoor soft cover has caused any signs of scratching from regular use. I am considering getting one and this is my main concern

    Re: Considering a indoor car cover

    I've used alot of different covers over the years, and I've never experienced issues with scratching... I'd blame the user more than I would the cover (i.e. covering a dirty car, being rough with install and removal, etc...). Even the flannel ones, yes inevitably there will be some fine dirt up-flowing into there, but it settles into the flannel nap and doesn't really ever contact your paint finish with enough force to scratch.

    The holy NO-NO with covers is using outside, where wind can WHIP the cover against the car, and any dirt between the cover and the car becomes empowered as a scouring agent.

    For indoor use, I go with a material called "Dura-fin" which is a heavy-as-hell material, soft flannel on the inside, treated canvas on the outside. It's so thick, that it protects your car from potential dings by wife walking by swinging plastic grocery bags, kids on bikes, kids in general, etc...

    For inside storage, a heavier cover offers more than just a barrier of protection from dust and eyeballs, it offers physical protection from items hitting your car.

    That said, make sure your garage is dry (dehumidified, or air-conditioned). Otherwise, you may wish to consider lighter more breathable options...

    Re: Considering a indoor car cover

    BTW, a PITA with covers? I hear it is very important to use a California Duster before you put cover on car so your cover doesn't quickly become dirty and abrasive. Maybe it's better to leave yopur car uncovered (and limit C. duster use) if paint's black or dark.



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