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    Winterdriving with 997 C2/C2S - Feedback appreciated

    Okay, so who has got the 18" Carrera III wheels with winter tires and done some serious driving in snow and ice, steep mountain roads, etc. with the 997 Carrera / Carrera S (rear-wheel drive, not 4-wheel drive). I am considering getting the winter tires and give the alps a go, unless someone tells me it is a really stupid idea. I have no clue how this car handles on snow and ice, how PSM works under these conditions, if snowchains are a must, etc. Feedback appreciated.

    Re: Winterdriving with 997 C2/C2S - Feedback appreciated

    I received C2 on 11/18 and have been driving it in our Minnesota winter. It is very good. We have had 4 or 5 snow falls/with ice,,,and I have had no problems. No mountains here, though. I have ContiS winter tires with 18" wheels. I put on 3M film. Once a week, I have to go to manual car wash stall,which is fairly good (16 US quarters). We have a 'ton' of car washes here ,but I will not try them(too low,wide tires,wheels,crude on equipment). I have met many other high end car guys at the wash. A bit weird. The Honda Accords are in the automatic washes and here we are with our $90 to $150K cars in the manual stalls.
    To the chagrin of the Southern Cal./Spainish/Italian advisors who store,and/or wait for sunny days (I think above 65F,no wind,concrete roads,no dust,indirect sun=lol.),,,I chose to go year round. So far, no regrets,,but the dirt/salt etc.,is a pain to behold. My rubber matts are on their way=highly recommend.
    PSM works great,,,turn it off when in deep snow/rocking out. Otherwise,,,just drive... 90% of the time our roads are clear.. They do a great job moving the snow and preventing ice build up. Every day !,,I get to drive one of the best cars in the world... and Not have to look at it in my garage. I have an old 325I,Lincl LS(fun Miata is stored) to use, but have not... Too Much Fun !
    How is your weather,,? I'll be in Geneva in three weeks.
    Merry Christmas and have a wonderful 2006 !

    Re: Winterdriving with 997 C2/C2S - Rocky Mountains

    Past experiences with several cars(all rear wheel drive,not P cars) in the Rocky Mountains have been good,,,with the high tech snow tires. I always bring tire chains ,snow wiper blades , and a useable jack. We have used the chains ( in the snow passes) twice in all of the years going skiing there. The P cars that I saw seemed to do well. I intend to have many 'field trips' this coming year, including the Canadian Rockys....
    take care,

    Re: Winterdriving with 997 C2/C2S - Rocky Mountains

    Thanks jack49! Sounds like a lot of fun. Just what I was hoping for. Guess I will get the 18" tires and give it a go

    Anyone else? Where are the hardcore all-year-round drivers on this forum? Stuck in the snow..

    Re: Winterdriving with 997 C2/C2S - Feedback appreciated

    I have the 18" turbo wheels with Continental winter tires. Drive in the mountains of upstate NY. So far, so good. Not one "close call".

    Re: Winterdriving with 997 C2/C2S - Rocky Mountains

    I drive a 997 C2 with a dedicated set of Carrera III 18-inch rims and Conti Wintercontact tires.

    Thus far, I have driven in all conditions with the winter tires and can report that:

    1. The Wintercontact's provide remarkable grip in fresh powder on streets that have not been plowed. Snow depth was around 6-7 centimeters of snow. I had no problem starting from a complete stop and the car did not slide into turns, or when stopping.
    2. On roads covered with sleet/ice the tires still do a great job and sliding during spirited turns is kept to a minimum. The PSM only kicked in once or twice. No problems getting going from a complete stop parked on packed snow/ice.
    3. On dry roads low speed grip is about 85% as good as the stock performance tires. The ride is noticably softer. At highway speeds above 140 kph (around 90mph) I did notice some "floatiness". At 177 kph I really had to be attentive.

    All in all, I am quite satisfied with winter tire performance. In fact, the C2 with winter tires handles winter conditions much better than my 2002 BMW 355xi (awd) did.

    Re: Winterdriving with 997 C2/C2S - Feedback appreciated

    Hello bluelines,

    I had a thread on this and here it was:"This last weekend was my 1st really cold drive. Here in Jauary the mean high is -15C and mean low is -25C. Snow fall is quite light, but by mid dec the countryside is usaully covered in a foot of snow, liewise the city backstreets (packed snow). The other city roads are fairly free of snow most of the time, although sand/salt is ised copisosly by the idiots (road engineers) who claim they know what they are doing ( no time to discuss that). 6 months is too long not to drive the 997-PASM-18in with Conti 810S, so we drive it on weekends that have dry (city)roads. That may mean driving at night when there is no sun to melt any snow on the edges of the city roads --- the highways are almost always clean and dry.

    Getting a warm engine was not easy -- unheated garage of course (heated melts any snow on the car and RUST emerges). All new cars (except Porsches )have engine block heaters or 'stick-on' heaters (VW)here. Porsche told us that the car would start at -35C with 0-40W ----but thta is no answer ----- I need a mildly warm engine. So, the old Canadian trick of cover the engine-back with 2 sheets/blankets and put 2-3kw of electric-fan heater aimed atthe engine area. This has worked wonderfully well in cool summer days or night and also the fall (the whole engine area is nicely warmed). Even at -20C this has worked, but now I use a kersoine heater for 3 hours, and that brought the garage up to 0C.Car starts happily and stlles into a nice mild idle. ( I love warm engines, and all of my cars have appreciated this --- -20C is the lowest I will drive the Porsche (or the NSX previously), as other bits get cold and that is my limit, whatever Porsche says).

    Anyway the car ran beautifully this weekend, and the PASM on normal gave a very very nice and comfortable ride (just like in summer). The NSX at -15 to -20C was very stiff as the dampers etc became very hard.

    So ---- with PASM we have a very roadable sports car in winter --- great in the snow ----- enjoy!"

    The adhesion in snow, packed ice, and ice is very good---be very careful in really icy conditions ---- see below. Just like the NSX was.

    Do be very careful near 0C when the ice-water transition is present. Grip can go from zero to lots over merely 100m ---- watch the road surface like a hawk, watch other cars for hints of sheet ice. Also ---- and I have a thread somewhere on this --- the RWD/engine can bite you, if you do anything sudden, or let the tail drift ---the 997/NSX are tail heavy, and if given the chance will slide tail first down a really icy road. But in 8.5 years of NSX-997 it has only nearly happened once.

    Ice driving is like you are driving at 100mph on a curvy, wet road grip---- total concentration! Search for grip on the road BEFORE you slide --- like the edge of the raod where there may be a few stones/gravel. Touch the brakes very gently, and throttle change even more gently ----engine braking MAY send you into a skid(at the back).

    Enjoy---and treat this as seriously as ANYTHING you have ever done in the Carrera.




    Re: Winterdriving with 997 C2/C2S - Feedback appreciated

    Thanks for the info guys. The Carrera III wheels with wintertires are ordered and I will get them installed tomorrow.

    Looking forward to some fun in the snow!

    Re: Winterdriving with 997 C2/C2S - Feedback appreciated

    Just drove my 997 C2S through a Canadian snowstorm!!!
    Having the winter wheels/tire package on my car, I decided to use my car to visit my relatives for the Christmas holidays. Not a great idea!!! A heavy snowstorm hit Northern Quebec on the 26th and I was facing a 300km ride back home.
    I have to say the car handled surprisingly well giving the circumstances (heavy snowfall, strong winds and icy roads). Changing lanes at speed was a little scary at first since I could REALLY hear the snow hitting the wheel wells and being trounce under the car. The PSM kept the car straight the whole time.
    The fun part was seeing peoples reactions from being passed by a 911 in a snowstorm! I can only imagine how cool a 4S would have been!!!
    From experience, I would advise the following:
    - Only use the PSM once you are up and running. It can be dangerous from a standstill. It will sort of stall the car when taking off from an icy/snowy corner (not a cool feeling when another car is heading your way!). Better to spin the rear tires to gather momentum.
    - Put some extra weight in the front compartment. On snow, you need that extra traction on the front wheels so that they will grip.

    Living in Montreal, we have access to the GP/formula 1 track all year round, although we are not allowed to speed on it (it's actually a road through a park), I've been seeing more and more car enthusiasts coming out after a light snow fall to throw their cars sideways on every corner. It's an absolute blast in the 911!!!



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